In Love - Heart Eyes Valentine's day — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 8, 2020 | Filter name: "In Love"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

My new Instagram filter "IN LOVE" will make you look totally in love. Hearted eyes that are animated inside your own eyes and with some red heat shapes on your cheeks and around your eyebrows. This filter was designed especially for Valentine's day but can be used for any other occasion.

This Insta filter was made for those who want to show affection to their girlfriend or boyfriend like on Valentine's Day. A little Augmented Reality gift like that can put a smile on those you love so much.

Here is a screenshot showing an animated GIF like eye animation that can be used for love video messages or funny memes.

Why not be romantic and send a cute little video with you using the "In Love" Instagram filter and make someone happy. Do it spontaneously, in the middle of the day, record a video of you using this love filter and say something that will make your loved ones happy.

You can also use it for Mother's Day or Father's Day or any other occasion where you want to share the love with someone using an original video message.

You can use it for heart eyes memes if you like. A simple Spark AR effect that I hope you find fun to use and share. Thank you for reading and enjoy this filter.

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In Love - Heart Eyes Valentine's day