Which Cat Are You? — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 6, 2020 | Filter name: "Which Cat Are You?"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

If you enjoy my Which Animal Are you? Instagram filter, I think you'll enjoy my new filter, "Which Cat Are You?". This is a similar concept but with super funny meme cat images. The goal is to give you an option to roll one image that will represent the cat that you resemble the most, kind of.

Which cat are you? Instagram filter

With this which cat are your Instagram filter, you need to tap and start rolling a cat which should represent the mood you are in at the moment or some people see it as their definition of their general personality. Whatever you decide, I'm sure one of those adorable cat meme images will represent an emotional state that you can relate to.

I love cats more than anything. I had cats before but now I don't and I really want one. I travel a lot so I can't really do that but when I settle down, I'll have no just one, but several cats for sure. Until then, I enjoy making filters with animals, and especially cute kittens.

I've used some really funny images that I'm sure we'll make you laugh no matter which one you roll out. The cat images are scrambled in random, so you can get anything. But which one you get, well, you need to try out the filter to get an answer to the most basic question: "Which cat am I?".

How to get the "Which Cat Are You?" filter? - You can follow WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom) on Instagram, check out the filter's tab or just tap the button below to try it out instantly. Whatever you choose, I recommend following me on Instagram, so you know when I release amazing new filters like this one. There are plenty more "Which character" type of Instagram camera effects that I'm sure you'll love. So don't forget to check out all my other filters, and the "Which Animal Are you?" if you haven't tried it out as well.

Have fun, and be a good kitty :)

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Which Cat Are You?