What Animal Am I Challenge — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 2, 2020 | Filter name: "What Animal?"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"What Animal?" (Which animal are you?) is an animal test Instagram filter game. Users need to tap on the screen to start the rotation of the animal images and names. Tapping again will stop the spinner and show you one animal among dozens.

What you can do with this which animal test filter? It was designed to serve as a base for a user-customized party game that can be played locally or online. For example, each user takes their turn and need to act like the animal or make the animal's sound.

What Animal am I challenge Instagram effect

Some people just want to roll and know what animal they are, I mean, if they were to compare to an animal, what would they be. Nothing like a roll of a dice to tell you what animal you are :).

I plan to add more animals but many of the favorite animals are there, including a cat, dog, dolphin, fish, cow, butterfly, bison, penguin, lion, big panda and many others.

This challenge effect joins a set of other Instagram AR challenge camera effects that have already been released, including Fortnite dance challenge filter, Barney's Must-Do challenge and Don't laugh challenge filter among others.

There is no one who doesn't like animals. I am probably spending like 20 minutes a day watching YouTube videos of cute animals doing amazing things. This is where I got inspired to create this animal challenge Instagram filter. I hope you find it useful and enjoy using it. Thank you, have fun!

NEW: I've just released yet another new which animal filter called "Which Cat Are You?", check it out!

Which Cat Are You?

Another amazing spinner game called BILLIONAIRE is out now. Here is a gameplay video!

How to get "Which Animal" Filter?

Visit WOW! Filters Instagram. Then tap the filter's icon (the emoji/smiley). Then tap the "Which Animal" filter image to start using it. Follow WOW! Filters on Instagram to get all the filters, including the which animal am I test filter?

If you can't see the filter, UPDATE YOUR INSTAGRAM app.

You can also tap the TRY button at the bottom of this page. This will open the filter on your Instagram app. Make sure you browse this page using your mobile phone Android/iPhone.

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What Animal Am I Challenge