Barney's Challenge - TikTok Party Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Dec 28, 2019 | Filter name: "Barney's Challenge"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Barney's Challenge" is an Instagram filter that I've created for Instagram and TikTok challenges. This filter is like the spinning bottle game but instead of someone else telling you what to, Barney will (a fictional character, you'll meet him in the filter). It's super fun and hilarious party game that you shouldn't miss out!

You must do what Barney says without questions. If you are not brave enough to take on this challenge, you shouldn't use this filter and maybe go play Fortnite for some casual fun - LOL.

Use Barney's Challange to challenge others on TikTok. I still haven't decided what hashtag to use for this challenge, but I leave it up to you to come up with something cool.

TikTok challenge game

Barney's Challange contains things that the user must do after the text stops rolling. To start the game, just tap on the screen. many text citations will run on the screen. Tap again to stop the citations from rolling. After that, you'll be given something to do. This can be something to say, something you physically need to do or even both. For example, Do a Fortnite dance, convince others to love you, lick your phone, etc.

Yes, some of those things that Barney might ask you can be quite challenging to do, I agree, but that's the point. Only the brave will dare to take on this challenge. Are you one of them?

There are plenty of commands and I'll be adding more every week, so expect some new surprise must-do commands that only Barney can make up. It's a crazy Instagram/TikTok challenge game. By the way, if you are not sharing a video of you making the command it doesn't count. The whole idea is to let others see how brave you are taking that challenge not knowing what you'll be asked to do.

How can you get Barney's Challenge filter? - Head on to my Instagram profile (@wowfilterscom) and check my filters. You can also just tap the TRY button at the end of this article and this will launch the filter straight on your Instagram app. Just make sure you are tapping that link while using your mobile phone, not your laptop computer.

I hope you enjoy this cool TikTok/Instagram Challenge game. Don't forget to tag me on your challenges (TikTok: wowfilters / Instagram: wowfilterscom) so I can repost your videos on my profile. Thank you, have fun!

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Barney's Challenge - TikTok Party Game