TWRK Christmas - Santa Twerking Nose — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Dec 23, 2019 | Filter name: "TWRK Christmas"

Filter creator: Teejay Jamlang (@teijaboo09)

TWRK Christmas is another version especially for Christmas of Teejay Jamlang's original TWRK filter. This time, instead of a bikini, you have a Santa dancing on your nose with his buttocks moving to the beats of the Christmas tones.

Like the original one, with this Twerk nose Christmas Instagram filter, you can speed the animation of the butt faster by tapping on the screen.

TWRK Christmas Instagram filter

This is the same winning formula that works so beautifully for the original twerk camera effect. The Twerk Nose is very popular and if you search the web you can find lots of animated gifs and videos of people either twerking their nose or using a filter.

I really love that TWRK Christmas edition, it's so funny and it's perfect with the Christmas music that runs in the background.  Nothing like a funny face animation with our favorite Santa Clause image to make our holiday season even more fun and entertaining. A fantastic Christmas filter to share with friends, family and loves ones and make them laugh.

How to get the TWRK Christmas filter?

Visit ther author's Instagram profile, in this case, Teejay Jamlang's Instagram profile. Then tap on the Instagram filter's tab. There you should see the "TWRK Christmas" image and text. Tapping on this image will download the filter to your phone and launch it. Of course, make sure you visit his Instagram profile on your phone and you have the Instagram app installed on your phone. If it is installed, make sure you have an updated version if you can't see the filter.

If you want to try out my Santa TWRK filter, click this link.

Enjoy this amazing TWRK Christmas filter and Merry Christmas to you all!

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