Omega.c for Reserved - Underwater Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Dec 6, 2019 | Filter name: "Omega.c for Reserved"

Filter creator: omega.c

"Omega.c for Reserved" is a stunning Instagram filter developed by Omega.C for a Polish clothing store chain called "Reserved".

Reserved has more than 1700 stores located in 20 countries. Omega was actually at the same time as me when I was in Japan. I am following Omega for quite some time and he is by far my favorite Instagram creator and one of the most talented filter designers out there hands down. He is specializing in organic animation from what I've seen.

Now to the IG effect. This effect is mind-blowing, to be honest. It will make you look like you are underwater. This includes a beautifully animated reflection on top of your head that gives the illusion that you are underwater. He also added a nice air bubble effect when you open your mouth, underwater light reflections in air bubbles.

Omega.c for Reserved

The reflections above the user's head actually have a waving animation, that gives the feeling of the natural organic movement, the thing that omega.c knows how to do better than anyone I know. I won't be surprised if "Reserved" has seen his filters and knew he is the best one for the job. I know I would pick him at any time of the day.

To make the best of this effect, I recommend sharing a video of you close to the camera, as the reflections get closer to the head as you get close to the camera. You can actually create some kind of an underwater movement, like going towards the surface if you just get the camera close to you in a smooth motion.

This is one of those Instagram camera effects that you have to try out yourself. I don't know if this effect is available for Snapchat as a Lens, but if I've done such a filter, I would make it available for all AR platforms.

That's it, a superbly designed filter, done by one of the most talented Instagram filter designers out there, well-done Omega!

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Omega.c for Reserved - Underwater Effect