Paul the Bulldog - Cute Dog — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Dec 5, 2019 | Filter name: "Paul the Bulldog"

Filter creator: Kym Fiala (@kym_fiala)

'Pual The Bulldog' is a super cute little filter, which renders an energetic little bulldog dog in augmented reality wherever you want to put it. Well, it can be extremely small or extremely large, depends on how you want it to look. You can resize it using screen pinch-gesture. I think it's a "French Bulldog" breed, but not 100% sure.

Paul the Bulldog Instagram filter

Lots of people love animal filters. I can spend hours a week looking at cute animal videos on YouTube. This is no exception. I also like the fact that he named the dog "Paul". Many of the viral animal YouTube channels and Instagram filters have a name. This allows people to get more emotionally attached to them, so they have a kind of personality, and are not anonymous. Instead of referring to "That dog filter", you say "Paul the Bulldog", and anyone knows who that dog is. That also creates a brand for that digital persona which can, later on, be further be used in marketing material and sponsored promotions. Same as it was with Jerry The Frog filter, I love that one.

In terms of visuals, there is just Paul The Bulldog and nothing more. However, the dog is animated cutely, running in circles. You can reposition Paul the dog by tapping on the location you want it positioned. You can even put it on your hands and move it around and the dog will stay on your hand (I tried it, it worked!).

Kym Fiala, the AR Creator who made this filter also created another cool filter "Frogs", which I liked as well. Is this a series of animal-related filters that we expect to see? I want more because I like both of them so much.

How do you get Paul the Bulldog Instagram filter?

Simply, visit Kym Fiala's Instagram filter (@kym_fiala), check his Instagram filter's tab and tab "Paul the Bulldog" image to download and get this AR camera effect to your iPhone or Android mobile device. Just keep in mind that this filter works with the rear-facing camera, not the selfie one, so you won't see anything if you try using it with the front-facing camera. Like, the dog won't appear on your face LOL.

I hope you enjoy this cool and super kawaii Instagram effect by Kym. If you did, make sure you follow him to unlock all his filters. Thanks for reading, enjoy Paul the Dog, sorry, Paul the Bulldog!

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Paul the Bulldog - Cute Dog