Abstract Ghost face camera effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 18, 2019 | Filter name: "IOR Ghostface"

Filter creator: Robert Seidel (@studiorobertseidel)

This IOR Ghostface Instagram AR filter was made by Robert Seidel and used to promote the exhibition "From the Lab to the Studio - New Technologies and Materials in Art". People who use this AR filter can't their face, but their exposed parts of the body to the camera will be presented with a colorful and vibrant ghostly abstract camera effect.

This cool AR filter is accompanied by dramatic background loop music that adds to the overall atmosphere and makes the user get more into that vibe of the artwork.

There is no doubt that more and more artists are discovering the potential of these new emerging technologies and try to use them to make unique digital artworks that will make their work stand out and look different than anything else out there.

These AR filters are the new materials that are very popular nowadays and used heavily to allow better self-expression where some other materials might be more limited or might be less effective in transferring the thoughts and emotions that the artist wants to provoke.

The more I see Instagram augmented reality filters like this used by artists, the more I understand the huge impact that it will have on the contemporary art industry in general.

It was a very interesting experience using this camera effect Instagram filter and I can't wait to see what other filters Robert is going to release in the future. Highly recommend following him. 

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