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Published on Dec 3, 2019 | Filter name: "Christmas Makeup"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Christmas Makeup' is an Instagram filter that I've created for Christmas. I've actually made two of those, one with white eyelashes (version 2) and the first one is without it.

As the name of the camera effect suggests, this is a filter that puts a virtual 3D makeup on your face. The theme is Christmas. I've created the Christmas makeup look myself. Although I am not a makeup artist nor I had any previous experience in making makeup designs, I've decided to make one myself.

Christmas makeup Instagram filter

I got inspired by a makeup image that I've seen on the Internet and added my own touches. I put some glitter around the eyes, used black for the color of the upper lash line and the lower lashline. I've put a white line at the bottom of the lid that continues until the outer V. The area around the eyes is colored with crimson red with touches of white snowflakes on top of it.

I also added sparkling lights on the eyebrows and white snow with animated Santa above the right eyebrow.

Two models wearing Christmas 3D makeup

I wanted to go on but I've decided to make it simple. The Christmas Makeup 2 has long white eyelashes and doesn't have the lighting effect as the first one, so I recommend trying both and see which one you like better.

If you are searching for a cool Christmas 3D makeup ideas or one to wear on your videos for this Holiday Season, don't forget to check this AR makeup filter out. I might make more makeup effects in the future, I kind of liked the creative process. Thanks for reading and Happy Holiday Season to you all!

BTW: the try button below will launch the second version of the effect, the one with the white eyelashes. For the first version, please visit my Instagram page (@wowfilterscom) and try it out.

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