Chimney Santa Claus Gift Delivery — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Dec 3, 2019 | Filter name: "Chimney Santa"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Chimney Santa' is a funny Instagram and Facebook filter for Chrismas holiday season. It's an original gift delivery AR experience where Santa brings you tons of gifts through a chimney on top of your head.

I've decided to make a filter that is cheerful and amusing. It seems to me that Santa Claus descending a chimney to deliver gifts is a great theme to use for it. It's an IG effect that I hope many people will enjoy using this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2019 and beyond.

Chimney Santa Claus Instagram filter

In this filter, Santa Claus wants to deliver some presents to you personally. However, this is not a clever Santa. He thought that the best way to deliver them is by getting into your head LOL. Well, It seems that this method of his actually can work. However, Santa is stuck, and can't get in. He needs your help. What you need to do is open your mouth to help him crawl down the throat and deliver all the amazing gifts he brought you for Chrismas Eve.

That's how this IG/FV camera effect works. When you open your mouth, Santa's character is animated down and tons of gifts will come out of your mouth. I've added some cool sound effects to show that Santa is stuck in the chimney, making quite a mess there. When Santa can finally get out, he says "Oh, oh, oh - Merry Christmas!".

Here is a video showcasing this brand new Xmas face filter "Chimney Santa" - Take a look!

I hope you like the idea of Santa Claus descending the chimney into your mouth, I found it funny to watch. By the way, if you open your mouth and close it, Santa will continue sliding back and forth, so play with it, it's kind of funny, like a little game with no objectives LOL.

I hope kids will find this Instagram filter fun and entertaining to use and share with others.

How can I download and get the 'Chimney Santa' Instagram/Facebook filter?

Simple, just visit wither my Instagram profile (@wowfilterscom) and check out my filters. Don't forget to tag me in your IG stories or Facebook posts if you want me to repost your pictures or videos this Christmas on my IG/FB pages. Merry Christmas and enjoy my new Chrismas effect.

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Chimney Santa Claus Gift Delivery