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Published on Dec 2, 2019 | Filter name: "Christmas Gifts"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Christmas Gifts' is an Instagram filter I've created for Christmas 2019. This time, I wanted to capture the Christmas gift's spirit while still encapsulating the user's surroundings with a cold atmospheric winter day. I want it to feel magical like you are inside a Christmas short movie of your own. Reimagine the Christmas spirit using Augmented Reality (AR) an augment the excitement and sensations that come when this annual festival arrives. An effect that will make you rev up your Christmas spirit and relish each moment of it.

Even before Christmas arrives, you can already feel it in the air. Suddenly, the city welcomes the holiday season with beautiful storefront decorations, many Christmas trees, music, and sounds. It doesn't matter where you are celebrating Christmas, you feel like in fantasy land and you want to celebrate it take a part of it. I wanted to encapsulate that sentiment in this Insta filter of mine.

I also recommend trying Santa is Coming Instagram filter. It's quite similar to this one, but that filter allows you to bump the gifts that Santa throw on your own head! It's so much fun and you have to try it out too.

I wanted this Instagram camera effect to feel like a miracle, magical, to be special. First of all, I've used fog, falling snowflakes, and wind breeze sound effects to create a wintery ambiance climate. When you open your mouth, the fog will come out of it.

Santa on his sleigh throwing Christmas presents, Augmented Reality camera effect

Second, the fog effect will start covering the area around you and with fresh snowfall, That's for the Christmas atmosphere. Third, when you tap the screen, a Christmas music will start playing, signals that something magical is about to happen. Then, alongside sleigh bell sounds, Santa makes a glory heartwarming entrance. This is a gift-giving time!

Christmas Gifts Instagram filter screenshot

This is the second surprise that I injected into this Instagram effect. But that's not all. As Santa Claus enters the frame, you can see that he is dropping lots of Christmas gifts from his bag. He also says "Merry Christmas, oh, oh oh.." and shows his gratitude for you being there and being excited about his appearance.

I mixed cute animations with sound effects, voice, and music to help you create the best Christmas Augmented Reality video card. Enjoy sending Merry Christmas messages to your loved ones and friends using this filter this holiday season.

I hope that I was able to capture the Xmas spirit with this IG filter and help you share cool videos with your friends. I left the face clear so you can use your costume with this video. A cozy fantastical effect that touches the generous and gracious aspect of this amazing holiday season. It makes you feel like you are in a miraculous and mystical world, and I hope kids will, therefore, find it fascinating as well.

More Christmas filters will be added to the list of IG effects soon. Don't forget to visit WOW! Filters again to find all about them.

How can I download the 'Christmas Gift' Facebook and Instagram camera effects?

Simple, check out the filter list on my Instagram profile at @wowfilterscom or tap the try filter at the end of this article. Don't forget to follow WOW! Filters on Facebook and Instagram to get notified and receive new filters in the future.

Alternatively, you can just tap the 'Try It' button at the bottom of the page. This links directly to the effect itself, so it will open in your Instagram app immediately, no need to search for it.

At the same breath, I want to say Merry Christmas to anyone who visits my website and try my filters and other 3rd part filters that I review and test here on WOW! Filters. 

May the miracle of Christmas bring you joy and happiness. I wish you contentment and peace among you and your family. With Love, WOW! Filters.

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Christmas Gifts - Augmented Xmas Spirit