Neon Night - Glowing 3D Makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 30, 2019 | Filter name: "Neon Night"

Filter creator: Ann Pertsova (

"Neon Night" is a gorgeous awe-awe-inspiring IG camera effect by Ann Pertsova. A glowing and colorful neon makeup effect, which is a collection of not less than 6 AR makeup variations in a single filter. Each one looking not less than the other. This 3D makeup effect will wrap you with radiance and wonderful glimmer. Read more to learn more about it.

Each 3D makeup is brilliantly and elegantly animated. Some include glowing 3d models, 3D lashes, neon-colored lipstick, and neon-bright eyebrow colors.

Neon Light 3D makeup effect

The entire scene is shaded with a nighly bluish color to make the neon light pop if you are using it in a bright environment. It's dark, but the face is still clearly visible and your facial expressions will be easily seen in the video or photo you publish on Instagram using this filter.

It's not the first neon-lit IG masks that I've tried. I tried Robotica X, the beautiful Tron AR Effect, the amazingly powerful UltraViolet face filter, and I even made something myself, my STOP! neon Instagram filter.

That being said, you can clearly see when a talented artist developed a filter. I mean, it's perfected to the details and it stands out from the rest. It's a very high-quality effect that is superior to many of the neon IG effects that I've tried so far. I was glazing at it with admiration for Ann Pertsova and her fantastic AR work of art.

There is so much to learn from it. You see that professional work and you can only get inspired by it, trying to perfect your effects to get your standards higher.

This is one of the most visually attractive 3D makeup Instagram filters that I've seen. Not there are not amazing other makeup effects out there, but this one stood out from all the latest that I've tried.

The animation and color choice plays a vital role in making this filter stand out. The dark blue-purple tint color the background and face with a monochromatic-like tone to make the other colors pop. The glitter dots on the cheeks and underneath the eyes glow and sparkle with nightly beauty. The strong yellow lipstick prettily contrasts the prominent orange lashes and pinkish eyebrows. The Beauty3000 glowing face effect, alongside reflective effect help, make the lighting effect visible as they fondle your face.

Neon tube and lights Instagram face filter

I liked the glow around the lips and the 3D tube neon sign-like artistic decor around eyebrows and nose. The flickering light effect also reminds you of the outdoors of bars or hostels in the streets at night. You can tell that it was handcrafted and the results are just awe-inspiring.

It's amazing that you get not just one but six marvelous AR makeup effects that each one looks amazing in its own right.

As an AR developer myself, I can just be full of appreciation for the work put out to make this effect. All I can do is recommend this so more people can find out about this filter and try it themselves. "Neon Night" is an astounding Instagram filter by Ann Pertsova ( Don't forget to follow her so you can get access to her other current and future effect when those are released. 

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Neon Night - Glowing 3D Makeup