Gold Mask - VR Tilt-Brush Designed — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 30, 2019 | Filter name: "Gold Mask"

Filter creator: Chung Chi Ying (@chungcy)

Today I came across a brilliant Instagram 3D mask that was 100% created using VR Tilt Brush. A VR software developed by Google. A collection of VR face masks brilliantly sculpted using a 3D VR drawing software.

This filter called "Gold Mask" was developed by Chung Chi Ying. It's not the first Tilt Burhs-based Instagram filter that I've seen and I think this will be a new trend and I'll soon explain exactly why.

VR Tilt-Brush designed Instagram face masks

This "Gold Mask", consists of three different VR-designed AR face masks. The mask is created by drawing the 3D shapes using Tilt Brush with a Virtual Reality headset like Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Then the 3D model is exported to a 3D file format that that Spark AR Studio can recognize, like .fbx or .obj files.

Tilt-Brush Based Filters - A New Trend?

Now why I think it will be a trend. For two main reasons. The first one is related to the relatively easy way to create complex artistic 3D models using natural movement stokes with your hand holding the 6DoF VR controller.  This allows you to actually paint in the three-dimensional space.

The second reasons are that Tilt Brush artists have a new platform to showcase their work. What better way to do it then on Instagram and Facebook and when the biggest AR trend now is Face Filters.

Instagram face mask made entirely using Tilt-Brush VR

I can definitely see many Tilt Brush artist focusing on making face masks and also AR developers and AR artists those who haven't touched Tilt Brush or similar VR software (e.g. A-Painter, Kodon, Quill by Story Studio, Oculus Medium, Kingspray Graffiti, etc) to start using it to make cool AR masks for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

You can make this type of 3D model using 3D modeling software, like Maya or Blender, but it's way more complicated, time-consuming and for some people, not really a realistic option.

What many do is to buy ready-made 3D models of masks from online 3D stores or ask an expert 3D modeler to make one for them. I can definitely see Tilt Brush artists having more job requests because of that, which is great.

Beautiful Mask Designs

Now for the mask design themselves. Well, they look stunning. I love the very complex-shaped that looked like they were inspired by "Medusa". I wonder how many polygons are there in those models, probably not a lot considering its sharp shapes.

You can switch between the various masks by tapping on the screen. I like all of them, and as you can see from the pictures I've taken with it, they look stunning, to say the least.

It's one of those Instagram face masks that you want to try out, to model yourself with them and share the new awesome you. They have stunning colorful metallic reflections which are based on the camera's textures. This means that the colors will resemble colors of the real-world environment, looking like it's actually reflecting light coming from the real world.

Well, you must give it a try, if you are an Instagram user or an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality developer. I can't wait to get a Virtual Reality headset and make something similar myself. A fantastic IG mask!

It's great seeing the artistic and technological pathway where Virtual Reality converges with Augmented Reality. This already shows us how amazing it will be when those two technologies eventually unite on a single device to create art.

You can try out Google Tilt Brush on Steam if you have a VR headset already.

Don't forget to follow Chung Chi Ying on Instagram. I already did and I can't wait to see his future works.

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Gold Mask - VR Tilt-Brush Designed