FCKNYE Bandana for New Year's Eve — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 30, 2019 | Filter name: "FCKNYE"

Filter creator: FCKNYE Festival (@fcknyefestival)

Victor Mustin created a very cool Bandana filter for FCKNYE 2019 Festival. I liked this mask a lot when I first saw it on Facebook Spark AR Community.

The bandana mask called 'FCKNYE' is for a festival on the same name. The one that will take place on December 31, 2019, will be in three countries and will feature more than 70 artists.

Based on what I've read on their Facebook page, the FCKNYE 2019 festival for New Year's Eve will take place on Brussels, Belgium, and in Lyon France.

Now for the filter. What makes this face effect works well is a well-designed look, the lighting, and physics simulation (as much you can mimick and achieve in Spark AR Studio).

FCKNYE 2019 bandana face filter

For example, Victor Mustin made the upper part of the bandana so it appears like it's sitting on your nose. This was done by adding shadows in the areas that make it look like it sits on your face, the same done to the cheekbone area I believe.

The mask also animated that makes it look realistic. According to Victor Mustin, he used rigging using Blender and added single bones that correspond to every tracking points that Spark AR Studio software provides you. This way, when you rotate your face to different rotation angles on various axes, the mask is animated accordingly. It's not perfect, but overall it looks very convincing.

He also used simulated fake lights in shaders to light by sampling the average pixel value from the scene and use that light on the model. The result is a more realistic looking 3d model.

There are two different textures that you can apply to the bandana. The first one is a colorful one with large FCKNYE bolded letters and the other one is a black one with FCKNYE text printed many times throughout.

I won't be attending the festival myself, but I am sure fans of the festival and those who'll attend it will enjoy using it. It's a great way to also promote the festival on social media.

I also want to add that although I've linked to the FCKNYE festival Instagram filter, I recommend following Victor Mustin as well on his Instagram profile at @mustinvictor. He is a freelance AR developer. If you want a talented AR developer to make you a cool Instagram filter, check him out.

I hope you enjoy this cool bandana face mask and Happy New Year to everyone!

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FCKNYE Bandana for New Year's Eve