Robotify - Robot Faceplate Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 15, 2019 | Filter name: "Robotify"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Robotify' is one of those Instagram filters that I do in between some of my other more invested ideas. I like experimenting with different features. For example, in 'Robotify', I wanted to find an easy way to create complex transitional animations like the one with the iron molder 3D model.

After creating something like that, I can then reuse the code for other projects. It can be other things, like a butterfly flying around the face, etc.

I first wanted to use the face mask that I used in my filter 'Emotional Robot'. However, I wanted something that looks more like a circuit board, that better fits the soldering animation. It's kind of a robot faceplate mask that is screwed-molded into your own face in augmented reality.

Robotify soldering iron Instagram face filter

The idea is to make the user have a robotic face and having a machine fasten it to your head until your new humanoid form is ready. I gave good attention to visual and sound effects. The sparks are particle effects and the one that flashes is a PNG file, animated in code.

I carefully searched for CC0 sound effects to find the right ones. One is for the locking of the robot face mask onto the user's face. One is for the sparks and the third one is a 'Ready' voice line with a robot's voice. It's important to note that some .m4a sound effects that sound good no your computer, might not sound good on the phone. This is why I always check and verify how the soundtracks sound ono my Android phone during and before I finalize the Spark AR project and send it to Facebook for approval.

Sparkling robot face attached to the face, IG filter

If you try the Robotify filter, you can see that I also applied a dedicated spotlighting effect when the sparks appear. This light is attached to the iron molding tool and when the sparks are made visible via Javascript in code, I also turn on that specific light, via code as well.

I also used a physically-based material in this project, because I wanted to create a very metallic-looking face. One that looks very realistic. It prevents the filter to run on old devices, but for me, it was important to make the effect look very realistic. Even the molding iron tool came originally with a wooden texture. It's the same texture, but I use a physically-based material to make it appear metallic. The light also is reflected beautifully and makes the entire experience look better.

To start the experience, just tap on the screen and the animation begins. To replay it, just tap again after the animations are finished and it will repeat the same animations all over again. Make sure you use this Instagram face mask with sound on for the best Mixed Reality experience.

If you love robot face mask on Instagram, check out the 'Robotic Face' effect, and 'Alien Headcraft' effect, created by other Spark developers.

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