DSTK! - Hilarious Kitten Meme — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 14, 2019 | Filter name: "DSTK!"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'DSTK!' stands for "Don't Scare The Kittens". It's a series of meme-inspired filters. The idea is to create hilarious interactive AR memes with cats and kittens. The cool thing is that you are part of the meme.

This is the first Instagram filter I made in the series, which will be followed by more very soon. The filter starts with three super cute little kittens lying on top of your head. They are so cute and vulnerable. Of course, if you want things to stay as there are, you shouldn't by any means, scare them. If you do, something bad will happen for sure.

DSTK!, kittens meme Instagram filter

In this specific face effect, if you scare the kittens, crazy mom will appear and will show you who is the boss. Just kidding, she is more scared than her little kittens. Probably she hasn't seen somebody doing such a crazy face like yours ROFL.

You can create funny meme videos with it and share it on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. I think this effect will be amazing on TikTok because you can add some cool transition effects. I didn't want to add strong visual FX because I wanted people to be able to add their own unique editing to it. Still, I added the jumpscare sound effect and some cat miaow voices to make it more polish and complete the filter.

Honestly, I had such a great laugh making this effect like anything I've done before. I still, after spending some time making it laugh as I use it again and again. I hope that you find this cat meme Instagram filter creator entertaining to use and enjoy sharing it with your friends online.

Just a note about the interaction. The animation transition of the cat coming up from the head will appear when you open your mouth. This means, you can give it to a friend and when they open their mouths to admire the cute little cats, then it will trigger the funny (or scary, depends how you perceive it) animation. Just a tip. If they don't open their mouths, just ask them to. There is an instruction for that regardless, so anyone knows how to interact with it.

When I can see the next episodes of DSTK!? - I am planning to release more on a regular basis. I recommend following me on Instagram (@wowfilterscom) and approve the OneSignal notifications on this website, so you'll get notified when I release new IG effects. It will be soon, as I started working on it now, a day after I released the first effects, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and please, don't forget to share my filters with your friends, this helps keep things kicking and running, Thank you.

BTW, if you love cats, check out my cat face mask.

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DSTK! - Hilarious Kitten Meme