'STOP!' - Stop Bullying Now — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 13, 2019 | Filter name: "STOP!"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"STOP!", an Instagram filter is an Instagram effect that I had after viewing videos of people sharing their stories about being bullied at school and having experienced it myself.  In this post I want to share more details about this filter, how I wanted it to be a tool for people for speaking up, raising their voice. Use it as a poster,  a sign, to project their own distress or alternatively, share empathy and support to those who have been bullied.

I wanted to try to portray the feelings of a person who is being bullied and put out a message out there with an interesting presentation and artistic way. This can be school bullying or cyberbullying. There are crystal images that I carry with me of school bullying that I carry with me. They play like a high-res video in my head, although so many years have passed since then.

After creating more than 100 filters (more than 80+ published to date), I wanted to focus on filters with a saying behind them, as well as make more artistic camera effects for Instagram. This was an opportunity for me and I did research and try to get inspiration and see how to design a filter that will have an impact.

Stop! - stop bullying message as an Instagram face filter

The neon colors for this effect alongside the dark background are used to describe the isolation and internalization of oneself. The contrast between the hand and the face is meant to emphasize the importance and significance of the bullying to an individual. The hand location is in a position that reflects physical contact, a residue of past actions and a mark that might can't be seen visually, is there emotionally. The colors chosen were red and orange that are synonyms with a stop sign, as well as blood. So does the color stains.  The fluctuation of colors was meant to make it feel like a story and change the base color to portray many events and old film visual artifacts.

I wanted to deliver words like persecution, oppression, intimidation, harm, and vulnerability—all to be sound without words, just with pure visual presentation.

I wanted to leave the filter for self-expression and I even created a TikTok clip myself on my TikTok (@wowfilters) account to share my own little story of frustration, disappointment, loneliness, anger, and even rage. Things that I felt when I was bullied.

It's a big stopping sign and message for those who bully and a tool for those who were bullied to express their emotions and not internalize. Internalizing can "cook" some devils inside, and it's important to share out stories, rather than keeping them inside. It's an awareness message for parents as well. Things aren't over in school and continue to take place online (cyberharassment) using electronic means. This has to be STOPPED!

With my 'STOP!' Instagram filter, I hope to do that.

Of course, this Instagram filter is open to any interpretation and I named it "STOP!", rather than being specific. There are many situations in life where we want to just shout to the world "STOP!" an express our frustration, say "Enough!" out loud as we haven't had enough already.

I plan to focus on more IG face filters that will encourage openness and help people share some of their "dark" stories through Instagram stories. I hope you like this filter and found it beneficial, Thank you.

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'STOP!' - Stop Bullying Now