Dark Side - Artistic Ghostly Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 8, 2019 | Filter name: "Dark Side"

Filter creator: ffface.me

'Dark Side' is a refreshingly exciting (design-wise) new Instagram effect by 'ffface.me'. I've seen videos of this filter, but just keep in mind that although I am sharing it here, it is bugged on my OnePlus 6 Android phone. Still, I wanted to share it and for you to discover it. It definitely has the WOW-factor!

What Dark Side IG face filter does, basically, it shows half of your face normal with some shiny glitter makeup and a half with a beautiful dark yet glittery texture (aka the dark side). Obviously this is has a metaphoric symbolism, expressing the dark side within us; the good and bad, but it can be interpreted in different ways of course. Part of the fun trying out different effects and use them in a way you connect with the art.

I live seeing filters that try to get away from pure visual reality and infuse some more abstract artistic effects as this face filter does.

'Dark Side' filter feels ghostly, and the water-color like abstract texture and gradual sand-like animation definitely infuse some inscrutability, surrealism, and tension into the effect. Therefore it has more chance of emotional infliction on the users and helps Instagram users express themselves more openly online by interacting with this Augmented Reality visual art camera effect. 

Dark Side Instagram face filter screenshot

Furthermore, once users rotate their heads, that darkness consumes the other part of your face, the "Light" one, that without the dark effect. The image works by transitioning a partially-transparent static image from the right to the left of the screen, covering both the background and the other part of the face gradually. The other part of the face is using a different texture, but it blends well with the background cover image. It's a beautiful IG effect to look at, and an original one I have to say.

These are the type of effects that many Instagram creators are inspired by. It's not easy coming up with something original, a filter effect that really stands out from the rest and even forms a new AR design trend. We all remember Beauty3000 and how it inspired many creators to make similar looking effects.

The glitter part was done very well, I really liked it. Reminds me of some other glittery makeup effects like this gold glitter makeup "Blast" effect by Johana Johanna Jaskowska (the same creator behind Beauty3000).

I like Instagram effects that make you rethink your own designs, inspire other creative directions and make you enjoy those filters as well.

Augmented Reality is a magnificent creative territory for many designers who are making the switch or mixing AR content creation with a "regular" one. This is a place where everyone can become a creator and make some really cool stuff. I personally wasn't an AR creator until not too long ago. Then I just created a simple Spark AR effect, and from that point, I got addicted to it and start creating more content.

The bottom line, "Dark Side" is a fantastic new IG face filter that you have to try. I just hope that by the time you read it, they already solved the animation bug that might prevent it from working on some devices. Thanks for reading.

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Dark Side - Artistic Ghostly Effect