Cursed Selfie - Scare Your Friends — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 7, 2019 | Filter name: "CURSED_SELFIE"

Filter creator: SDRN (@sdrnsdrn)

Cursed Selfie ("CURSED_SELFIE") is a creepy Instagram face filter that transforms you into a frightening demonic figure.

This disturbing effect is all about an almost complete facial and atmosphere transformation. The most prominent effect is heavily distorting your mouth by stretching it widely from ear to ear. It reminds me of a Joker smile, but much more distorted. This is similar to the effect done by SDRN in his "Beautiful Child" effect. This is the type of effect you see in Hollywood horror movies, where the body of the possessed individual is profoundly deformed. This makes it appear like something, a creature from the other world had got possession over your body and spirit. Something shadowy, dark and moody. If you want an Instagram filter to scare your friends, this is the one!

Cursed figure Instagram face transformation effect

SDRN wasn't over yet, he added noisy and grungy overlay dark vignette effect and flashy lights, like the ones you see in horror movies. He darkened the eyes and put a Satansymbol on your forehead (I also did something similar in my Demonic filter). The only thing that was missing for me is some creepy hair transformation. Something that I hope Instagram will support in future Spark AR Studio updates.

It's a frightening dark and gothic effect. The other cool thing about it is that it appears gradually. So the blend-shape face transformation is done gradually not immediately. This further intensifies the creepiness of the entire effect. It all comes together perfectly and that is why this filter caught my attention.

Spark AR Studio offers quite a lot of tools for developers and artists to make some cool creative stuff. It doesn't mean you need to take all of the available features to make a great filter. However, that selection of options allows developers to become more creative and deliver incredible filters like this one. I love the Instagram/Facebook effects that give you a complete digital transformation. Turn you into something different but still allow some of the facial expressions and characters to shine through it.

So for your question: "Are there any good Instagram filters that I can use to scare my friends?" - The answer is yes, this is definitely one of them.

If you love weird and scary Instagram filters, you just have to try out this one for sure. It's a great effect for Halloween, I wish I had discovered it earlier. Get it, it's an amazing IG camera effect!

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Cursed Selfie - Scare Your Friends