Simple Santa Claus Hat — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 7, 2019 | Filter name: "Santa Hat"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Santa Hat' is a simple Spark AR Santa Claus hat Instagram filter that I made for Christmas 2019 and beyond. Sometimes you just want to have a filter that can complement your other real physical costume or just want to take a selfie with a Christmas Santa Claus hat. This is why I made a very simple filter that has just a hat, no beard or nothing else attached to the cap itself. The good old traditional red and white satin looking hat.

Chrismas Santa Hat Instagram filter

That hat is relatively large to give you a cuter cartoony look, without horns or bells, just a plain red and white Christmas hat. Kind of like the one sold by the dollar store, but as a filter :).

There are going to be a rain of Santa hat camera effects for this Christmas. So if you are asking where are the other cool filters for Chrismas, they are coming. By the time you read it they might already be released, so don't forget to check out my Instagram profile and try them all out (@wowfilterscom).

Two women wearing a Santa hat camera effect

The Spark AR Chrismas Hat effect was done using what is called "Head Occluder". This means that if you turn your head, it will hide part of the hat which a regular hat would be hidden. It's not obvious in 3D, because the virtual content is always visible on top of the camera video feed. This is why I need to put ahead occluder to overlap the user's head (it's just a 3D model with a transparent texture that hides anything behind it or any other elements in the scene that intersects with it (inner overlapping). The end result is a hat that sits naturally on the head.

That's it, a simple Christmas Santa hat for you to enjoy this Xmas without all the bells and whistles. It won't keep your head warm though LOL, just if you are looking for something simplistic. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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