Raining Balls - Fun Physics Simulation — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 6, 2019 | Filter name: "Raining Balls"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Raining Balls' is a filter I've created using the same physics of my Soccer Head, ball juggling Instagram filter game. It's a simple ball physics simulation, where balls fall down on your head from the top and intersect with it. It's a fun physics (kind of) simulation in Augmented Reality.

In this Instagram effect, however, you won't be playing a game. But you'll enjoy seeing many colorful balls falling on your head from above. I wanted this filter to make its way to everyone, so make it suitable for people of all ages. I've seen how kids enjoy playing around with balls and see how they love hanging around in the colorful soft plastic ocean ball. This made me want to make something quite similar.

Raining Balls Instagram filter screenshot

To start the experience, all you need to do is just tap on the screen. Then many balls will start falling towards your head direction. Although the physics are designed in 3D, I limited it to only the y and z axes. I might release a second version with the 3D enabled. I had some small issues with it, so I delayed it for a bit.

The balls will fall on your head no matter how far you are from the camera. The same was with the ball juggling game that I've made. I wanted people not to guess where the ball is falling, but be able to enjoy the experience regardless of the distance they are from the phone.

Again, it's a simple Instagram filter AR experience, but one that aimed for children and I'm sure many will find it fun to use. I mean, it's fun having softballs falling on your head, but where can you experience something like that in real life? Well, this is why we have Augmented Reality and technologies like Instagram/Facebook filters, Snapchat lenses and others. This allows us, creators (in this case, a Spark AR creator), to create great AR experience out of our imagination, from real life or make those real-life experience but enhanced using digital technology. Of course, there is no real-life tangibility. However, with the sound effects that I've added, it feels very close to being real.

All in all, try it out and expect more variation of this experience to be released in the near future. I always monitor the demand and popularity of my IG effects, so I know what people enjoy using the most and based on that I release new filters.

Enjoy using 'Raining Ball' and don't forget to check out all my other IG effects. I am closing on 70 filters as of the time of writing. So expect even more cool Instagram filters to be released soon and onward in the future. Cheers.

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Raining Balls - Fun Physics Simulation