Midosuji Illumination 2019 with Instagram Camera Effects

Published on Nov 4, 2019

Today, November 4th, 2019, I went to see the Osaka Festival of Lights – Midosuji Illumination (Japan). This is a festival where many trees and other places from around Namba Main Building to Osaka-Umeda station are lit up using LED lights and other audio-visual displays.

If you are short in time or just prefer seeing the video, here you go.

Of course, I went there not just to enjoy the beautiful illuminated Midosuji street, but also to check out some Instagram camera effects. Two of which I wanted to test at night and in unique lighting conditions. This includes the LightInvasion camera effect by @after_form (Instagram), Superceded / Supercede trippy and glitchy camera effects by @autonommy (Instagram). Alongside that, I used some of my filters (WOW! Filters, @wowfilterscom), including the new Maiko and Geisha face filters, Locked and Locked 3 face masks my head jugging simulator game called Head Soccer. But my aim was to try out those glitch filters

In the next image, you can see 'LightInvasion' IG camera effect on the left and my new 'Locked! 3' face filter on the right.

Light Invasion and Locked 3 Instagram filters demonstrated in Midusuji Illumination 2019 event

The Illumination started around 18:00 when it was getting dark. After a count from 10 to 1, all the trees in the Midusuji street were illuminated with colorful lights. There were different colors and of course because each tree has a unique look, and illumination looked very dynamic and interesting.

The illumination display wasn't static. Sometimes the lights changed based on the rhythm of music tracks that were playing in the background. It was a cool evening, very calm and alongside the music and the lights, I felt like I am in a romantic fantasy movie—a daydream— it was priceless.

That's exactly the thing I was talking about when I wrote the review about the Superceded camera effect. The magical atmospheric feeling, which is so excited when you see a large area around you injected with dynamically changing colors.

That being said, Superceded didn't work that well that night, and I think that's because most of the areas were dark. So the effect wasn't segmenting well to produce a convincing effect. It worked better in daylight, where there was a better contrast between the buildings and the skyline, Of course, it depends on the scene, and in other scenes in might work better than it worked for me at the festival.

LightInvasion camera effect, however, was totally mesmerizing and worked so well. I mean, it was a perfect time and place to test it out and oh boy I enjoy using it.

It was so funny seeing how it works with selfie capture. I looked so distorted and ugly. I mean, my teeth were pulled out because of the light color and I looked like, well, I don't know, super distorted and funny-looking creature (you can see it in the video).

I first thought of staying at home and working on some projects but I am happy that I went to experience it. The lighting will stay there so I might go back again in the upcoming days to do some more testing with those Instagram filters and maybe others.

That's it, just wanted to share those moments with some new IG camera effects and my face masks and get you some insight about this Osaka Festival of Lights in 2019. BTW, I still don't know how it is called. I've seen some websites calling it "Festival of Light" or "Festival of the Light" or "Midosuji Illumination" or a combination of those. Anyway, the sign that you see in the video stated "Midosuji Illumination", so I guess that's the official name.

Don't forget to check out those cool filters and follow their Spark AR creators, including my Instagram (@wowfilterscom). Thanks for reading, see you in the next post.

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Midosuji Illumination 2019 with Instagram Camera Effects