Superceded - Segmented Camera Visual Effects — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Nov 3, 2019 | Filter name: "superceded"

Filter creator: Ommy (@autonommy)

'Superceded' is yet another variation of the spectacular 'supersede' effect by autonommy. It reminds me of the filter LightInvasion by @after_form. Both are using Spark AR shaders to produce some mesmerizing lighting color effects.

Superceded produces different camera visual effects by using shaders to apply the effect to only parts of the image, aka segmentation. Segmentation, but without using a green/blue screen. Not to be confused by the built-in segmentation in Spark AR which is designed for human body-background separation. This impressive scene colorization Instagram effect works on any scene and in any camera orientation. The effect appears like it is an integral part of the real world.

The effect, of course, will yield different visualization results depends on the image. Some can be very atmospheric and mesmerizing to look at, others look, kind of off and not as impressive (still unique and interesting to look at though). The effect relies on manipulating the image based on contrast levels from what I can tell. 

Superceded lighting and colors Instagram camera effect

This means that dark areas in contrast to light areas will have the effect applied to them. For example, I point out the camera to the dark night sky. While most of the building areas were intact in most parts, the effect filled the sky with blazing colors.

You can tap on the screen to switch between different pre-defined effects. There is one that looks like polar lights (northern lights/aurora borealis). There is one that looks like stars in the sky moving forwards towards your direction. This creates an effect of movement, which is very impressive to look at a large scale.

In fact, although I enjoyed using it on my clothes and seeing only my black shirt and dark blue hat having the effect, while the skin wasn't affected. The effect is spectacular when used outdoors, especially at night. The reason is that this effect is a magnitude more impressive when it colors a large part of the real-world environment. It's the same moving effect like watch the northern lights, or seeing a sunset.

This effect of something on a large scale affecting the night sky is impressive to watch. Why? because we rarely see it changed. When we do, it impresses us. We are all used to light changing in the busy streets. No matter how many changes there are, we ignore it because we are used to it. Sometimes we really need a huge billboard sight to catch out attention. That being said, seeing atmospheric effects is very eyecatching. For example, seeing a large fog or clouds covering the mountain or seeing rays of lights passing through the trees in the forest. This type of effects paint our reality differently, and the same scene that we are used seeing looks different with that atmospheric phenomenon.

The other thing is that these effects, although flat, they look like they have volume in space. That's part of the magic.

Superceded used with cityscape image, produces mesmerising effects

The other cool thing is with the Superceded Instagram camera effect is the smooth motion of the moving graphics, the effects. The flow makes it blend better with the environment. It moves slowly in an organic manner, which reminds us of other lighting phenomenons that we are familiar with. It feels relatively natural and therefore an integral part of the real-world experience, less fake and more convincing to our human eye.

The 'Superceded' Instagram filter also makes us want to experience it in different places, on different subjects, and in different lighting conditions. We want to try it to see what it will produce. You can find out that in some lighting conditions it can produce some mesmerizing unexpected effect. Of course, once you discover it, you quickly want to share that online. The fact that you can easily capture videos with it is even better. I've seen some awe-inspiring videos done with it.

It also reminds me of the psy-01 camera effect by Tokyy. Another camera effect that I enjoyed playing with. I have plenty of those IG effects saved on my IG camera so I can use them anywhere I go and try them out in different locations.

I can't recommend the 'Superceded' camera effect enough and I can't wait to see what people will create with it. Thanks to autonommy for creating it, it's one of a kind and exactly the type of IG camera effects I want to use when I go outside and explore new places.

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Superceded - Segmented Camera Visual Effects