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Published on Nov 3, 2019 | Filter name: "Geisha"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Geisha' is a Japanese-inspired face mask filter that I knew I'll be creating eventually while I'm in Japan.

As the name suggests, Geisha (芸者) IG camera effect is inspired by the face makeup, hair ornaments, and costume of the traditional Geisha women in Japan. Geisha also referred to as geiko (芸子), or geigi (芸妓), is a Japanese woman who entertains other people using traditional art, dance, playing musical instruments and dancing.

Traditional Geisha Costume

Geisha wear distinctive costumes and makeup that make them look unique. Usually, a geisha is wearing a tomesode kimono clothing and a Shimada-styled nihongami wig. In my filter, I tried to stay loyal to the formal/traditional face makeup and wig look and feel but added some minor adjustments.

Geisha costume Instagram filter

This Geisha cosplay Instagram filter is the first one I've created, following by the Maiko (舞妓) one, which I'll share in a future post.

I didn't use Spark AR's segmentation, so the neck doesn't have makeup (doesn't appear white). I might make a third filter using that. Segmentation limits the number of users that can use the filter, so I didn't use it with those first two filters. I also used a traditional Kimono image from a stock photo I bought myself.

Here is a video I've captured of me using both the Geisha and the Maiko IG masks at the Jidai Matsuri Festival in Kyoto, Japan.

Geisha's Wig & Accessories

I've added the geisha's hair (it's actually a wig, only Maiko use their real hair) ornaments myself. The hair is a vector graphics I've purchased, but I needed to produce the geisha's hair look myself. I also created the geisha's face makeup from scratch by looking at images of Japanese women performing artists, including geisha (Tokyo) and geiko (Tokyo). Of course, there are various costumes, depends on which the geisha is coming from. I was inspired by different images and created something which is kind of a mix between various looks that I've seen.

For example, I did use full lips red lipstick as it should, but I made the crimson outline near the eye more diagonal. If you want a real eye transformation, you might want to check out my filter New Eyes, which literally changes the shape of your eyes.

I could have used a regular hair/wig cut of a real image, but I really liked the clean look of the vector-based wig image. It makes the effect appear slicker and more refined in my opinion.

Kyoto Geiko-inspired Makeup

I did play around with different makeup colors, but eventually stayed with the crimson and black makeup outlines around the eyes, used a fainted red color over the eyebrows. I also used a 'Painted' render options in Spark AR Studio for the white face texture. I wanted the facial expressions to be very clear and of course, make the ivory-white face makeup appear as natural as possible.

The more I worked on the makeup and the wig images, the more authentic and traditional-looking the geisha costume has become and the more convincing the transformation was once I tried it. It did look much better on a woman's face than on mine, but I was still happy with the results when testing it on my face, on a male's face.

Everyone Can Try this Geisha AR Face Mask

I was happy seeing how I can use Augmented Reality (AR) to make such a beautiful costume using Facebook's Spark AR Studio. I didn't need to sew or cut any fabrics and it just took me several hours to complete. Because 'Geisha' is a virtual/digital costume, anyone anywhere can try it out. One of the reasons I love creating custom camera effects fo Instagram and Facebook. I am also thinking about starting creating Snapchat lenses to reach an even bigger audience.

The Geisha IG face mask features a kimono that looks like you are wearing it. However, I added the option for users to hide the kimono just in case you want to capture videos or pictures without it or you are wearing a real kimono. all you have to do is just tap on the screen to hide the kimono and tap again to make it visible again. I might make changes to the Kimono and add more variations in the near future.

Two women with geisha makeup and mask IG mask

After playing around with different geisha/geiko wigs, makeup, and clothing. it made me want to create more variations. I used high-quality images so the textures look sharp and clear as much as possible. I want to experiment with other looks. Although this means buying some more stock images and maybe do three-dimensional one, it will cost much more of course. Sometimes the budget is what limits my creativity as I can create everything from scratch. That being said, I do find some workarounds and there are some good public domain and CC0 images that I can use. However, they are limited and eventually I found myself needing to buy stock images and 3d models to make my Instagram filters stand out.

Download and Try the Geisha Filter Now!

If you are searching for a ready-made non-DIY geisha costume for Halloween or just to see how you look with it, try my new 'Geisha' filter out.

As of the time of writing, I have a plan to go to Jidai Matsuri (Jidai Festival, 時代祭) in Kyoto and take some cool videos and images with this filter. The Jidai Festival is tomorrow on October 26th, 2019. I just can't wait to attend this festival as there will many people wearing many traditional Japanese clothes, masks, and accessories. Of course, I'll share those in this article once I publish it.

If you enjoy this Geisha Instagram filter, please share it so more people know about it and don't forget to follow me (@wowfilterscom) on Instagram. Thank you.

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