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Published on Oct 31, 2019 | Filter name: "Demonic"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Demonic' is an Instagram camera effect I've created for Halloween 2019. It's a horrific face mask of a demon. I wanted this mask to look very frightening and unique. The focus was on including some organic elements to make the effect more impactful. It might not be the most frightening Halloween AR costume out there, it is original. Something new to try on this Allhallows Eve.

I've used vein textures to make the demon's face mask look like it possed the user. You can see the blood veins popping from the skin. I used red and black colors ad the dominant colors for a more dramatic and frightful look. It's a Halloween IG face filter after all.

After making some cute Halloween makeup effects, I wanted to create something scarier. I've got inspired by many demonic characters I've seen in films. The Joker mask looks uneasy to look at, but it's not terrifying.

Horrifying demon Instagram face costume

I've created the face makeup in Adobe Photoshop. I've toyed around with it until I got what I've wanted. It's a combination of a Zoro mask and an undead zombie with satan-theme inspiration. You can see that I've added the Satan symbol in the forehead. The eye makeup was made to look like one of an ancient tribe. The black lips are inspired by the gothic looks.

Before I continue, take a look at the filter demoed in this video.

Aside from the Augmented Reality makeup touch, I also used face deformation. I wanted the face to look irregular. Something distorted that will make the look more vexatious and ghastly. I used Spark AR blend shapes to stretch the head and chin. This yielded a much more prominent freakish look. Exactly what I was looking for to finalize the design.

Demonic Instagram camera effect for Halloween

'Demonic' Instagram filter is a filter that I enjoy "wearing" myself. I think it brings something new and fresh. Many people are searching for original Halloween costumes, masks and makeup ideas. This is one of the reasons I wanted to create something original for Halloween 2019.

I hope you find it interesting and exciting to use and share. I could have worked on it more and add special effects and stuff. However, I started working on it quite late, and Halloween was closing in fast. Considering the high approval times on Facebook, I've decided to wrap it up and send it to approval. Luckily it was approved on October 31, Japan time, so I'm good to go.

That's it. Visit @wowfilterscom and check out all my filters, including this new Demonic camera effect. Don't forget to follow me to get notified when I release new filters and get access to all my 60+ effects. Thank you and Happy Halloween everyone!

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Demonic - Frightening Halloween Demon Mask