Halloween AR Makeup & Lipstick Looks — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 31, 2019 | Filter name: "Halloween Makeup"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Halloween Makeup' is a new Instagram camera effect I made especially for Halloween 2019. It's a collection of several Augmented Reality (AR) Halloween-themed face makeup and lipstick ideas. You can use them to compliment your current Halloween costume.

While with other effects I focused on supernatural masks. With this filter, I focused on simple and cute enchanting drawings. Not something super frightening, but a nice Hallows' Day makeup with a ghastly touch.

Halloween Instagram makeup effect, a frog with witch hat and a creepy pumpkin drawing

This is a single Instagram face makeup effect that includes two lipstick Halloween-themed designs. The first one is a lipstick of a bat and a witch riding a broom. Both the bat and the witch appear silhouettes. The second one follows a similar decorative lipstick design but with a black cat and a crow on both sides of the upper lip with purple lipstick.

The third one is a Halloween pumpkin makeup that covers a large part of the face. It has 'Halloween' text on the forehead and with a pumpkin and skeleton drawing on the mouth, cheek and nose area. There is also a little spider near the left eyebrow.

The fourth one is something like a painted Halloween teeth mold. Kind of a Dracula's teeth in black and white. You get those protruding sharp teeth, but it's painted as a makeup.

Halloween camera effects spider web and Dracula's teeth makeup

The next one is a cool large Halloween pumpkin with a ghoulish look and scary teeth. It covers your nose, mouth and the entire mid-section of your face. Quite spooky, and one that I personally really like.

The next one is my favorite. It's a cute yet spooky little witch-frog. Well, it's a green frog with a brown witch hat on top of its head. The cool idea here is that your mouth is the frog's mouth. When you open your mouth it's like the frog opened its mouth. Cool makeup and you can really have fun with it with videos. Share them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Whatapp and surprise your friends and family with it. I'm sure they are going to have a good laugh.

The next one is just a black pumpkin cut makeup. Following that is a spider web makeup on your entire face with a black spider on the left cheek - quite frightful. I didn't have time to animate it, but next time, for Halloween 2020 I'll make some more cool stuff.

Halloween AR lipstick as Instagram filter

The next one for our October 31 fest is a pumpkin makeup that covers the upper part of the face. This just makes you look like a pumpkin head.  Following that is a makeup of two dark ghastly pumpkins on both cheeks.

That's it. A set of cool-looking Halloween-themed makeup costumes. You can get all of them in a single filter, so no need to download several IG camera effects for each one. Just tap on the screen to switch between all those variations.

I hope you like them. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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Halloween AR Makeup & Lipstick Looks