Lightinvasion - Mesmerizing Light Extrusion Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 29, 2019 | Filter name: "Lightinvasion"

Filter creator: Oleg Soroko (@after_form)

Lightinvasion is brilliant, or should I call it, brilliance Instagram filter by Oleg Soroko (IG: @after_form). It's a very distinctive and mesmerizing Instagram camera effect.

What this effect does, based on my experience with it, is that it extrudes (using duplication layers) light colors in the image or those who have high contrast against their neighbor colors. This means that black will always stay in the back, whether light colors, especially white, will be pulled out from the image. This is why it's called Lightinvasion, as light seems to be coming out from the scene in front of you.

The extrusion is done using a layer of the same visual shader effect. This renders bright areas in the image as 3d shapes. For example, if you put it in front of a black and white image (e.g. a keyboard with white letters), you can see the white letters extruding forwards towards the camera's location. When you move, it creates a mesmerizing 3D effect.

Lightinvasion Instagram camera effect example image

To fully illustrate what I mean. Here is a second image, showing how the brights areas from an image displayed on my iPad, seems to be "invading" the real world space.

3D light extruding out from the iPad into the real world space using Augmented Reality

It looks gorgeous. You can use it on anything, and it doesn't care if you hold the Android or iPhone horizontally or in a vertical orientation.

"Lightinvasion" is one of those camera effects that you want to experiment with over and over. It produces unique and interesting results depends on what you are aiming the phone's camera at. Also, because of how it operates, it yields different results depends on the lighting conditions. I can't wait to try it at night here in Japan.

Protruding 3d effect using Lightinvasion IG camera effect

One thing that I want to have is the option to invert the color effect. So for example, black will appear moving forward and light colors stay back, the opposite as what we have now. Maybe playing around with a gauge that controls the sensitivity, this can be cool and give more creative freedom for users.

If you love these types of camera effects, I recommend checking the hallucinatory color displacement effect by Tokyy. I used it a lot here in Japan and it helped me get some very artistic looking images.

One last example. This illustrates how the light contrasty areas are just "pulled out" of the image. The rock texture has very tiny light dots, and they all just seem to come out of the image and produce a magnificent 3D presentation.

Using Lightvision filter on an rock image

Whatever photos I show you, you should try it yourself. It's one of those Instagram filters that you want to keep in your camera app so you can pop it out now and then and test it out on something. It's a filter that allows you to become creative, like a tool for digitally reshaping the world around you and deliver a cool-looking artistic mixed reality photo or video. I'll surely be keeping it and trying it out again. Thanks for reading.

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Lightinvasion - Mesmerizing Light Extrusion Effect