Inner Glow - Creepy Halloween Human Egg — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 29, 2019 | Filter name: "Inner Glow"

Filter creator: omega.c

Omega.c (Ωmega) has released yet another spectacular organic-looking Instagram camera effect called "Inner Glow". It's a filter that resembles the look of candle eggs, or as omega.c described it as: "People candle eggs to check if life started to develop inside.".

It's a creepy-looking filter that is released just before Halloween. If you are searching for some of the best Instagram face Instagram filters for Halloween, this should definitely be in your Instagram camera app.

Inner Glow creepy face mask for Halloween

The filter works with one or two people, so you can make a Halloween spooky-looking photo or video with a friend.

The effect slowly fades in and out when you tap the screen. In terms of visuals, it looks similar to an egg candle. However, because you are human, it looks like you are lit from the inside and you can see many blood veins on your face. The eyes are inverted and colored in red. Make you look like a ghost, a scary demon or creature from another world than a "regular" human being. Yes, I told you it will look frightful. That's why I think this IG face mask is great for Halloween.

Scary Egg candle inspired Instagram face filter.

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One of the unique aspects of omega.c's IG effects are the emphasis on organic matter. He did it with the Crystal Tentacles effect, The Matter filter, and many others. In fact, all of his filters are designed based on his specialty on digitally recreating organic matter in a very creative and artistic manner. Combine his 3D design knowledge and bring up some really out of the ordinary Instagram face masks. Those that you rarely see in the Spark AR scene.

For this and other reasons, he is one of my favorite creators. He brings something different to the AR filters' community and inspires many other Spark AR creators.

Halloween is almost here, as of the time of writing. It's 2019 but this effect will remain of course and you can use it in future Halloween holidays or just any day where you feel like putting on a scary Augmented Reality mask and surprise your friends and family. So head on to omega.c's Instagram profile and download his 'Inner Glow' filter. Don't forget to save it to your Instagram camera if you want to reuse it and easily find it in the future. Thanks for reading and enjoy his filter.

By the way, if you like this filter, I think you'll also like my filter called "It's Inside Me". A twitchy IG effect that distorts your face called It's Inside Me. Have fun!

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Inner Glow - Creepy Halloween Human Egg