LOCKED 3 - Electric Fence Face Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 23, 2019 | Filter name: "LOCKED! 3"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

Locked 3 is the third version of my "LOCKED" series of filters. I've already created two versions and this is the third one.

With those set of filters, I wanted users to be able to express themselves in a way that are related directly or indirectly to the presentation. This can be things related to freedom of speech, different feeling expressions, being unable to express oneself, things related to human and animal rights, etc.

People loved my first "LOCKED!" Instagram filter and I wanted to continue building on top of that idea but adding more unique and interesting variations. Today I thought about making the third one as an electric fence. The first one was a cage with a lock that moves as you move your face. In this case, there is a metallic fence on your that projects cool electric animation with a slight color variation.

Locked 3 electric fence Instagram filter

This of course immediately corresponds to the same motif that I used in the previous Locked set of camera effects. When I use it many phrases come into mind, like "Don't touch me", "Don't come close", "Beware", "I am warning you", "You asked for it", etc.

I wanted the camera effect to speak for itself, even if users who use this Augmented Reality face mask don't say a thing. It should help project emotions and help people who are internalizing a lot and want to express their emotions. Because I see myself as such, this was a way for me to express myself using only a filter. It's kind of passive acting, letting the face mask do the hard lifting of letting others know about how you feel at a particular moment and be able to express and project those feelings outside, rather keeping them inside.

Based on what I've seen of people using my first LOCKED! IG filter, they did it without me needing to explain anything. It was kind of an automatic native interaction with the filter based on its unique design.

There is the aesthetic aspect of the design. I wanted the filter to also look cool and make people enjoy using it regardless of the initial intent. I wanted the electrifying effect to look flashy and dynamic. I use randomness and some different color variations like tilt, blue and purple to make it look more vibrant and cheerful. All that while trying to still maintain a natural electrifying fence effect.

Two women with electric fence camera effect on their face

I was inspired by 'Storm', a fictional superhero from the comics and the movie X-Men. I also wanted the electric to be more 3D, therefore I put the effect animated images in slightly different depths. This means that if users move their heads, they can see the electrifying effect floating in the real-world space, rather than looking flat on the face.

This 'LOCKED! 3' filter has an electric sound effect enabled by default. You can mute the sound effect and enabling it by just tapping on the screen. I think the sound effect is important to help produce a very prominent and believable looking visual effect. However, many people have their mobile phone on mute or just prefer not sharing or viewing the Spark AR camera effect with sound for various reasons. This is why I added the option to just mute it, in case your iPhone or Android phone sound is not muted.

I hope you enjoy this new IG face mask as you enjoyed the first and second one. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @wowfilterscom as more amazing filters are on the way. You don't want to miss those out. Cheers.

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LOCKED 3 - Electric Fence Face Mask