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Published on Oct 18, 2019 | Filter name: "Face Freckles"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Face Freckles" is an Instagram filter that allows Instagram app users to see how they look with freckles on their faces. Not everyone is lucky to be born with freckles. If you are among them, you can at least experience is using augmented reality. Kind of a face freckles app for the Instagram camera app.

All the photos shown here were processed using the 'Face Freckles' Instagram filter. This means that none of those faces had any freckles on their face in the original photo.

Face freckles Instagram filter

The Face Freckles' Instagram filter, which is basically a coded mobile app developed using Spark AR Studio, emphasizes more than 15 freckle variations that you can try on your face. Using this face effect is simple, just position your face in front of the front-facing camera and this will immediately show the freckles. To change between the different looks, just tap on the phone's screen, whether it's the iPhone or an Android phone.

I might add more variations in the future, but around 15 is more than enough to get you started. I used different color varieties, so it can match different skin tones. For example, there are ones that have orange-tint color freckles for redheads. Some of the freckle masks are more prominent with a strong color, others have lesser opacity to make them blend more seamlessly with the face. I tried them personally on my self and some portrait shots and the result looks satisfying. Due to lack of time, I wasn't able to put too much time into it. As I said, I might add later on.

One of the things that I like about Instagram camera effects and augmented reality in general, is the ability to experience things that are either inconvenient or impossible to do without this technology. If I wanted to see how I look with freckles on my face, I would probably need to take a photo and edit it in photoshop. Even then, it would just be a photo. In this case, when using an IG freckles try-on filter like the one I made, the freckles appear on your 3d face structure. This means if you move your face, the freckles stay on it like it was a natural part of your face.

Virtual freckles try-on IG camera effect

To make the freckles look natural, I used randomness, many different variations and make sure, that in some of the variations, the freckles are less apparent in areas that are usually less exposed by direct sunlight. For example, the nose is a sensitive part, so more freckles put there, but areas beneath the cheeks, are less exposed so I reduce the visibility of the freckles in those areas.

I enjoyed spending time, searching for photos of men and women with freckles and try to make something that resembles a natural appearance of freckles on the face. I could go and do like 100 of them, but as I said, due to time restrictions and not to overwhelm the user, I've chosen to make around 15 of them. There is also the file size limited for Instagram, but in around 4MB of the file size limit, I can actually put quite a bit there.

Nonetheless, it's not an original one and I've seen a few filters using freckles, but I always wanted to learn how to do it myself, and if I am already making it, why not share it with everyone.

How to download and get my freckles Instagram filter? - Simple, check out my filter's tab on my Instagram profile at @wowfilterscom. Don't forget to follow me to get notified when I release new filters. Alternatively, you can just tap the 'Try' button at the bottom of the page. This will launch the camera effect directly in the Instagram app. Just keep in mind that you need to browse this website using your iPhone or Android smartphone and have the Instagram app installed.

I hope you enjoy it. If you have any improvement recommendations, please let me know by messaging me on Instagram at @wowfilterscom. Thanks and enjoy 'Face Freckles' IG face filter.

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