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Published on Oct 17, 2019 | Filter name: "New Eyes"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

New Eyes is a new Instagram filter made by WOW! Filters. I made this filter to allow users to see themselves with different eye shapes. There are a total of 17 eye shape variations available. You can alternate between them by tapping on the screen. After you reach the last one, it goes back to the first one, which is the default face, without any modifications.

New Eyes Instagram filter

I tried querying different eye shapes, like Japanese and Chinese eye structure, but eventually, I created many variations so the filter can work with many different eye shapes. I tried it on myself and some portrait pictures and I like the overall result. I could have created more and I might do so later on.

I honestly don't know how it would turn out to be when you try it. I hope you enjoy browsing through the different eye shapes that were made by me using Blend Shapes in 3D software and imported into Facebook's Spark AR Studio application. I then combined the different blend shapes in different weights to come up with a large assortment of eye shapes.

I am personally fascinated by the shapes of the eyes here in Japan where I currently stay. I found the eye shape to look really beautiful and unique.

Generally speaking, Japanese eyes have eyes that are round or oval. Their eyes are shaped in an upward direction. Just in comparison, Chinese people have eyes that look slanted and they are slanted in the downward direction. Before I came to Japan I didn't know about that.

New eye shape AR simulation, Instagram filter

This is the reason I wanted to create an Instagram filter that allows me and other people to see themselves with different eye shapes. Some of the eye shapes are slanted, others are larger. I wanted also to allow people who have slanted eyes to be able to see how they look with less slanted eyes.

It far from being perfect because blend shapes alter the face texture leading to some unexpected and weird results. I was inspired by some of the eye structures of Japanese and Chinese people from images I've seen on the web. Some of the structures that I've done are a bit exaggerated, at least that how it looks when I tried it myself. But again, it depends on your eye structure. You will see different results, and this is why I will enjoy seeing pictures and videos of different people using my 'New Eyes' filter.

I hope you enjoy this IG face filter camera effect and please tag me (@wowfilterscom), so I can see how you look with it. Thanks in advance - Enjoy.

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New Eyes - Eye Shapes Try On