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Published on Oct 16, 2019 | Filter name: "LOCKED!"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'LOCKED!' is the first Instagram filter I've done in the 'LOCKED' IG filter series. In this article, I'll share more about this filter that I've personally created. This won't be a review, as I am the creator of this face effect but you'll get the idea behind its design.

Having a metallic cage and a lock on a person's face meant to allow people to express themselves and this visual presentation being symbolic. For what situation exactly? Well, it's up for the user to decide.

Locked Instagram face filter screenshot

This is exactly the reason I didn't add any other hints that suggest any particular situation. All you have is a cage wrapped around your face and a realistic standard lock attached to your nose area.

I could have used a heart-shaped lock, but as I said, I wanted the filter to have loose ends and leave it to every person's interpretation and therefore a standard lock was the best choice here. I thought that for each person who uses this Instagram face mask, it will provoke different thoughts, images, feeling from present, past or thoughts about the future and of course, invoke strong emotions.

Two women with a cage and lock AR face mask

It has been a while now since I've started making Instagram filters using Facebook's Spark AR Studio. One of my main goals was to try my best to either aim for a specific type of interaction and injects my thoughts and feelings into the experience. Hoping that users will feel the same. On the other hand, I wanted to create IG camera effects that are open to interpretation. Some, of course, were just for visual entertainment, but most of the time I am focusing on making an emotional effect on the persons using my filters.

I remember that I've got some good reactions the same day I've posted this filter and it was amazing seeing how people actually use it and how they connect with the filter's design.

Some people did use it as a way to showcase their stand against certain human rights violations in their daily lives, whether it was directly related to them or for another segmented group of people. Some use it to express things related to Sadomasochism.

Others used it as a fashion statement. Like a genuinely bizarre facial ornament and it was excited to see that happen. That part of the thing about Instagram filters that I like so much. You can create those unique filters and you have no idea how those filters will be used by others. It's exciting and one of the things that motivate me to continue doing it.

By the way, the lock itself was created so it moves when you move the face, making the experience more realistic. So make sure to pay attention to that as well.

If you haven't tried my LOCKED! filter, head on to my Instagram account at @wowfilterscom and try it out or just tap the button at the end of this article. Make sure you have the Instagram app installed on either your iPhone or Android phone, as it is required to view any camera effect done using the Spark AR Studio application. Thank you.

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LOCKED! - Facial Metal Cage