WWE Friday Night SmackDown Superstars — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 9, 2019 | Filter name: "We’re All Superstars"

Filter creator: Fox Sports (@foxsports)

Fox Sports has released several Facebook and Instagram filters that allow you to become your favorite WWE Superstar. It's a fantastic idea that renders well as Instagram filters. Keep in mind that there are several filters available and I am covering all of them in a single post. Furthermore, I've read that there might be more coming, so make sure you check out Fox Sports Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

The idea is that the user's face is positioned instead of the original's WWE wrestler face. Not just that, the entire experience is part of a video.

As of the time of writing, there are seven WWE "We’re All Superstars" Instagram and Facebook filters. This includes Stone Cold, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, The Rock, Charlotte Flair, Triple H, and Kofi.

WWE Triple H and Randy Orton Instagram filters

All those filters were done using Facebook's Spark AR Studio software to promote Friday Night SmackDown.

These are definitely original Instagram filters, I mean, the way it is done. Usually, we see just the user's face on an image. In this case of "We’re All Superstars" set of filters, the face is animated and synchronized with the animated PNG (I believe this is animated PNG) that runs in the background.

I'm sure many Spark AR creators will get inspired by that. From what I know, a video format (e.g. MP4) isn't yet supported, although it was supported in the past from what I've read. But you can use APNG  and have that as a background over a rectangle that is a child of the canvas. The canvas elements take that entire screen space. 

WWE The Undertaker and Stone Cold Instagram filters

The result are impressive, making your face part of a WWE superstar in a short clip. It's definitely a fun filter to share with friends and WWE fans.

For those who are not familiar with what's WWE is. It's a shortcut for World Wrestling Entertainment. It's an American company that is primarily known for professional wrestling. I am personally not into it, but I did find those filters very entertaining to use.

WWE Charlotte Flair and Kofi Instagram filters

There is one of "Triple H" which I really liked where he spread his arms with a nice background effect. The one of Stone Cold when he enters the ring. You can also hold a WWE Championship belt using the WWE: Kofi filter. All are well designed and fun to use.

It's great seeing how augmented reality (AR) is used to make the user be part of the action in a video. That's why I like that idea so much. I'm sure this will inspire many Spark AR creators to do the same. Just imagine how many things you can create with it. I am personally thinking of making something like that, using a cool short clip of a few seconds of animated PNG and sync the face mesh with the movement.

By the way, the skin color was also implemented well here, so it matches well with the different skin tones of the wrestlers.

How can I try Fox Sports WWE filters? Simple, just head on to @foxsports on Instagram and check out the filters tab. You have to browse it on your mobile phone in order to have access to that filters' tab.

Overall, a great set of filters by Fox Sports. You have to try those out, even if you are not a WWE fan.

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Superstars