Rorschach Watchmen HBO Vigilante Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 9, 2019 | Filter name: "Rorschach"

Filter creator: FreeSpeach (@free5speech)

Rorschach is yet another excellent entry to the Watchmen HBO x Spark AR: Mask Off Contest. It was designed by free5peech. In the description of this Instagram face mask, free5peech wrote: "Without my face, nobody knows. Nobody knows who I am.". In this review, I'll explain why, in my opinion, this Watchmen AR face mask should be one of the top picked ones in this contest.

Rorschach is a vigilante face mask inspired by the Watchmen HBO series, in which vigilantes are treated as outlaws. Spark AR creators had to come up with their own original Instagram face mask inspired by the series' story.

In this Rorschach filter, you get to wear an entire Watchmen vigilante clothing, including a brown leather jacket and hat, a scarf and an animated face mask. Instead of having a smoke effect like with the Raucher Watchmen face mask, here we have a rain effect.

Rorschach Watchmen HBO Instagram mask filter

The clothing 3d models are of very high quality. The lighting effects also done well to further create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere. There is no sound though, at least from what I've tried. It would be amazing to have a nice thunder sound effect alongside flashing flashes of lightning. I think this could have enhanced the experience by quite a bit.

There is no doubt this is yet another great entry to the Watchmen HBO Spark AR: Mask Off contest and one of the candidates for winning. I didn't go over all of them of course, but the more I search, the more I discover amazing Watchmen HBO AR masks.

For me, there were two things that work amazingly well for this filter that matches the theme. First of all, the hat. As you can see from the image above, when lowering the hat, you get that mysterious sensation when not seeing the eyes of the character, let alone the face. You don't know what you'll see, and when you get to see the eyes, BAM, you have that emotional connection to the character. This looks amazing in a video, where you can hold your face down, and raise it slowly upwards to create that amazing cinematic character video introduction.

This is part of the design process that any Spark AR developer should take into consideration. It's not just creating a mask, but telling a story and allowing the look and feel of theme to really shine through it. This is why I see the Watchmen HBO Mask Off competitor as a strong candidate to be among the top spots.

Ther second thing that I liked about this Watchmen AR mask effect is that textured animation on the white mask. It creates an identity blurring abstract visualization, not allowing you to really get connected with the person behind it.  For me it similar to the pixelization or blurring of a characters' face where you want to keep his or her's identity. However, in this case, this was designed to perfectly fit and compliment the mask, colorization and Watchmen series' theme itself.

These are two very strong design elements that make this Watchmen AR mask effect so appealing. I would give it a very high score for its originality and applicability to the theme.

I didn't find any interactive functionality though. It would be nice to have one. For example, when you tap on the screen, you get different types of abstract visualization.

Overall, once of my favorite Watchmen HBO Spark AR: Mask Off Contest contenders that I've tried to date. It has some important elements that you might not pay attention to in the first place. But I am sure those who judge it, will definitely see the intelligent design behind it.

A fantastic work free5peech, well done! 

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Rorschach Watchmen HBO Vigilante Mask