TWRK - Nose Drawing Booty Dance — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Oct 7, 2019 | Filter name: "TWRK"

Filter creator: Teejay Jamlang (@teijaboo09)

TWRK is a fantastic Instagram filter that puts a woman's buttocks dancing animation on the user's nose. The nose drawing booty dance animation is not done by actually animating the texture itself directly (e.g. animated gif or animated PNG), but animating the user's nose where the texture is applied to.

There are two types of panties, a thong one and a control-brief/Hipster one. It's such a smart idea splitting the nose parts to two using a high contrast drawing and making it look like buttocks. Animating and applying different speeds is a brilliant idea. I've played around with 3D blend shapes before, and I think Spark AR developers should use it more. There is great potential there for amazing creative possibilities. I think this one might use the default one that is offered by Facebook, and animated by code but I am not sure.

TWRK nose drawing Instagram filter

Users can speed up the animation by tapping on the screen. Starting from a slow nose animation to up to 2x times. Just imagine how cool it is using it in a video with music, like on TikTok. You can actually use it with different music tracks and make the animation fit the rhythm.

The character itself is very simple, using just black color. Yes, the idea of animating the nose (I guess using blendshapes) created a very entertaining result, especially when used with a music track in the background.

The filter is called TWRK by tejabook09. He did different filters, but this one went viral and it's his most popular filter to date. A simple idea that just works. A tremendously well-designed and original idea that leads people to share it all over the place.

It's one of those filters that you have to show to a friend. The nose animation was done so well and I'm sure this will inspire others to use blend shapes to create these types of cool animations in their future filters. It's a great inspiration, no doubt about it. I've seen some things like that done in the past, where the mouth is used to animate another drawn character's face, but this one is definitely my favorite idea among all of them.

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TWRK - Nose Drawing Booty Dance