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Published on Sep 28, 2019 | Filter name: "Manga Magazine"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

UPDATE: The filter wasn't approved as its previous version because it contains "excessive text". I have no other option to remove many of the text so I can meet Spark AR guidelines. I do leave the pictures of the unapproved previous version for inspiration, so you can see the art direction I was going after. Unfortunately, my creativity is limited based on guidelines, sorry for that. The second pending-approval version is much more stripped-down compared and doesn't look like the manga book look that I was after. It's so frustrating that your creativity is limited by the amount of text you have in the filter, even if it's part of the creative art you are looking for.

"Manga Magazine" (or 漫画雑誌 in Japanese) is my second Instagram face filter after Anime Girl. In this Instagram filter, I took the design a few steps forward. In this Instagram filter, you, the user, are placed on a cover of a shojo manga (少女漫画) magazine, one that I created. Shojo manga is manga aimed at a teenage female target-demographic readership. The male's equivalent is called shonen (少年漫画).

I was inspired by many of the Manga magazines that I've seen on Japanese comic stores here in Osaka, Japan. The use of this filter is simple. You have three manga girl faces which you can alternate by tapping on the screen. The girl's face inherits some of your facial gestures. For example, raising your eyebrows, opening/closing your mouth and blinking with your eyes (right/left or both) will result in the cartoon face doing the same.

Cute manga magazine cover girl Instagram filter

The manga magazine surrounds the user's face and moves with it. I designed the magazine so all the artistic manga design elements and the text are spread in the 3D space with slightly different z-axis allocations. This gives the magazine a unique and interesting presentation. You can also use it to create anime/manga memes animated gif or short videos. Useful for all the Weeboos out there - unleash the Anime Moe!

I've also added a particle system that animated cherry blossom flowers flying slowly from the middle of the screen towards the top. Again, it adds more liveliness and excitement to the filter, so it won't be static like a regular image. This way, people will enjoy also sharing videos with this filter on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks.

Cute manga girl face mask IG camera effect

I am not a manga artist myself, not I would say I am Otaku (おたく/オタク), but I deeply love the manga/anime art style. When I came to Japan, I told myself that I'll create filters inspired by the things I see here. Things in Japan that excites me.

I create the first IG selfie face filter "Anime Girl" as a simple filter so it can work on most mobile devices. This augmented reality (AR) filter, Manga Magazine, uses Spark AR texture extraction and Segmentation. These features aren't supposed on most devices, and users need to use a modern device for this filter to work. However, using segmentation, I was able to create a unique artistic Augmented Reality Japanese comic book with the user at the cover's center, as a manga girl.

I used several Japanese words as part of the book cover. Here are some of them:

  • かわいらしさ - Cuteness.
  • 漫画 - Comic/Cartoon
  • 2020年1月1日 - That's just the date, 1/1/2020.
  • アニメ - Anime
  • フィルタ- Filter

By the way, the word "Weeaboo", is a slang term for a Western person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime. So I used different manga/anime-related words, just to make it more cheerful for those who understand the meaning of the words either in Japanese or in English.

I used the Japanese text because it's easier for me to relate to the Japanese comics that way and I believe so for many other people. Of course, if I read a manga book or magazine, it would be in English, as I don't read nor speak Japanese.

I wanted to Manga Magazine filter to look colorful. I used several CC0/Public Domain manga girl images and incorporated them into my filter. I didn't want to overload, because it was already quite heavy in terms of the number of elements in the scene. I might further optimize it down the line, but I've decided to pack it up and send it to Facebook for approval.

Many of my previous IG filters were done using lots of programming. This time around, I wanted to make more artistic filters that don't require a lot of programming. I do use a bit, but nothing that gets to thousands of lines of code.

If you are an Otaku, love manga magazines, anime art, cartoons or just love the cute Japanese comic art style, I think you'll enjoy using this "Manga Magazine" IG filter. Enjoy creating funny animated memes with it. Cheers.

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