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Published on Sep 28, 2019 | Filter name: "Anime Girl"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Anime Girl", is an Instagram filter I've created as a tribute to Manga (漫画, Japanese comics or graphics novels) and Anime (アニメ, Japanese hand-drawn animations).

I am currently in Japan. Since my last visit, I was fascinated by Japanese comic art-style. I've visited many Manga stores in Japan, including the "Animate" store at Shinsaibashi Den Den Town, which is not far from where I stay.

Anime girl

I've spent countless hours, browsing through the different Manga books and watching some of the Anime series shown on the local TVs or online. I was totally hooked and fell in love with Manga (漫画) for the very first moment I saw it.

I wanted to share my love for this fantastical world of Japanese comics using a new filter, which I call 'Anime Girl'. It also tells my little story of falling in love with that unique art-style.

Anime girl

So what this Instagram face filter is all about? Well, Anime Girl filter is a selfie Augmented Reality (AR) camera effect that changes your face into one of an animated cartoon bishojo (bishoujo/美少女; means "beautiful girl"). You can tap the screen to switch between three different girl drawings. To use it, you need to use the official Instagram app for Android or iPhone and visit my IG account at @wowfilterscom.

When I said "animated" in the previous paragraph, I meant it. The face of the anime-style girl on this shojo manga magazine (少女漫画: Cartoon girl) inherits the user's facial gestures!

This Spark AR filter recognizes different facial gestures, includes mouth opening and closing, eyebrow-raising, and eye blinking face gestures. So this cute anime girl's face comes to life on your face. You can make and share cool-looking videos this way. Oh yes, it's great for making funny and cute meme videos and animated gifs.

If you love reading Japanese comics (Manga) books, love drawing Manga or just a fan of Manga and Anime, like myself, I think you'll enjoy using this filter. I have some cool surprises waiting, and I'll introduce them in future filters.

With "Anime Girl" Instagram filter, I wanted users to inherit the cuteness of the beautifully-drawn female moe characters (All characters are CC0/Public Domain characters, I haven't drawn them myself. I don't have the artistic skill to do so, not just yet).

Furthermore, I wanted to make them feel like they are inside an anime film, making them create their little Anime show by wearing an anime biyojo face mask.

You can use this filter to create funny anime memes or weaboo memes and post it on Instagram or Facebook. I mean, instead of searching doing the hard edits yourself, you can just video record it using your own body and facial expression in the Instagram app (available for Android and iOS). You can find places where it fits most and records a short Instagram video.

The main downside is that the hands appear below the face as this is in augmented reality filter. The camera stream is a base layer where the virtual content sits on top of it. I hope that Spark AR Studio team will improve upon that in a future version when technology is improved.

I am currently in Osaka, Japan at the moment. I wanted to take advantage of the 3-months long stay and bring to you unique and exciting Japanese-inspired Instagram filters. I've discovered many exciting things during my last stay, and this one and this is an amazing place for inspiration to me.

I hope you enjoy "Anime Girl" Instagram effect. Have fun with it, and don't forget to follow me (@wowfilterscom) on Instagram, so you'll know when I release new cool filters, similar to this one. Thank you and have a fantastic day.

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