Feathers Pearl Cordon Carnival Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Aug 20, 2019 | Filter name: "Carnival Mask 2"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

Carnival Mask 2 is the second among the colorful carnival Instagram mask. It's a beautiful and vibrant IG mask that covers the entire face area with added peacock feathers, lively pink feathers and shiny pearl cordon that is wrapped around the facial mask.

Carnival mask 2 Instagram filter

The mask is like 3d makeup, painted on the face itself. Therefore it appears like a real makeup and allows face gestures to shine through. It's a very fancy and dandy face filter that you can wear for holidays, prom, or carnival days and share it with your friends via Instagram or other social networks.

The lipstick is smaller than the lips, giving a unique victorian style look while still maintaining a figure of a physical mask, in which this mask was originated from in the first place.

The peacock feathers and the pearls are attached to the right side of the face, giving it an interesting and unique asymmetric look. It's a great mask that you can surprise your friends for events or just use it to share something really cool with your followers on Insta. There are many holidays and carnivals where this type of mask are being used, and you can use this mask at those days as well and celebrate with fashion and style.

More interesting carnival masks are coming, so try this one out and all the others available on my Instagram filter account.

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Feathers Pearl Cordon Carnival Mask