Soccer Head - Soccer Juggling Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Aug 15, 2019 | Filter name: "Soccer Head"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

Soccer Head is a cool interactive Instagram filter that I've created. With this filter, I wanted to give users options to enjoy juggling/bumping a soccer ball on their head.

'Soccer Head' has four different modes as of the time of writing. The first two ones are games which I call 'Standard mode'. In that mode, your goal is to try to bounce the ball on your head as many times as possible and not let it fall. You get one point for each bounce.

The second mode is similar to the first one, with the only difference is that the futeball changes colors upon each touch with your head. 

Soccer Head IG filter game

The third mode is 'Practice mode'. In this mode, you have the option to practice juggling a soccer ball on your head with the gravity being less strong, so it's easy to practice your moves. In the Standard mode, the gravity is higher, therefore, the soccer ball moves faster towards the grown, making it harder to control it. 

The last mode is a 'Simulation mode'. In this mode, I've tried to give users a more realistic head juggling experience. This means that now the gravity is more realistic, and you have the option to use head movement force to move the pull up. So if you flick up with your head fast, the ball will move higher up. It also exists in the other modes, but here it moves prominent due to the stronger gravity force.

As you can see using the filter, the ball appears like it is part of the real world and moves in your 3d space Even if you rotate the phone, the soccer ball remains in his place. This leads to a more authentic looking experience and might help you out to save the ball even if it goes out of the screen bounds.

When you start the game, the ball will fall towards your head no matter which distance you are from the phone's camera. This means that you can even put the phone on a surface and play even two meters far from it and focus on body control rather than having restricted holding the phone. This can be fun, especially with large-screen devices that can run the Instagram app.

I didn't add music, as I wanted you to have a clear canvas to put your cool music with it as you play. What you have is a nice sound effect when the soccer ball touches the head and that's it.

'Soccer Head' is a casual and fun IG camera effect that was designed to mimic a fun sports activity. It also less demanding compared to the physical one. So even if you weren't able to bounce a football in real life, you'll have the option to enjoy it with this Instagram filter in Augmented Reality and this was one of my main goals.

Bouncing/Juggling/Dribbling a soccer ball on your head is an AR activity that can be used right here right now. All you have to do to get my 'Soccer Head' IG effect is to either follow me on Instagram (@wowfilterscom), check my filter tab on IG and don't forget to add it to your filter list. This way, you can play it every time you want. I recommend following me to get notified when I release another amazing filter and of course, don't forget to share your amazing juggling skills with me by using @wowfilterscom profile tag in your stories and Instagram posts.

I hope you enjoy this filter and if you do enjoy it, please share it with your friends, I'm sure they'll like it too.

P.S. more updates are coming!

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Soccer Head - Soccer Juggling Game