The Old Tree, a Filter Tale — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Aug 6, 2019 | Filter name: "The Old Tree"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"The Old Tree, a Filter tale" is a unique filter. It's my first take of trying to combine a very short storytelling experience with user self-expression continuum based on the provided story intro.

The filter tells the tale of an old tree hidden in the black forest. It is said that the tree can make all your wishes come true.  No on one has seen it, until now. 

In this filter, you take the role of the tree. My goal was to put users in the position where they react after hearing what the adventurer who encounter the tree ask from it.

The Old Tree Instagram filter screenshot

This can lead to interesting results. For example, In the intro video, I imagined that the adventurer who located the tree, ask it: "I want to become a washing machine!". Then I recorded the response. A very silly wish but the thing is that this is completely open up to the user's imagination.

I want to see what people will come up with. I am looking for some very silly responses, something that can make us laugh out loud.

With 'The Old Tree, A filter tale", I wanted to produce a very dramatic intro. I combined different background music, sound effects and recorded my voice as part of the narration. I've chosen the background image carefully, something that will create a great atmosphere for the filter.

Of course, the main goal is to make the user become that old tree. I thought first to just make the face look like wood, but then I went a few steps further and made it look like real tree bark with roots with the face seems like it's embedded in it. I paid good attention to lighting, sound effects. I added falling autumn leaves, an animated bird on top of the tree, all to help create a complete harmonic, magical and fantastic atmosphere that users will enjoy to be part in.

I wanted the tree to look a bit old and have a strong personality aside from inheriting the users' face gestures. I added the leaves like eyebrows and even achieved kind of a small greenish cover for the tree but just lowering the resolution of the JPEG until it produced green image artifacts and it gave the tree texture a nice old look. I like playing with different things and make good use of everything I can access to produce what's on my mind. 

It is a very short experience, but the goal not to create a whole pre-animated story, but let people make their kind of ending to the story and share it with the world.

I love using Spark AR Studio and I love making original filters aside from the "regular" ones. I want people to come and visit my Instagram channel, knowing that once in a while there is something unique and original to find, something that they have never experienced before.

I hope you enjoy using my "The Old Tree" Instagram filter. Please don't forget to tag me (@wowfilterscom) with your stories and use the hashtag #theoldtreefilter. I want to see how you interpret the ending of this micro-story - Thank you for trying my filter.

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The Old Tree, a Filter Tale