Happy Birthday 2 AR Card — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Aug 3, 2019 | Filter name: "Happy Birthday 2"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

Happy Birthday 2 is the second version of the original 'Happy Birthday' Instagram filter that I made myself. This IG camera effect was designed to be a virtual birthday card, an original gift to give to your loved ones who celebrate their birthday.

I wanted to use augmented reality uniquely and allow Instagram users to surprise their friends and send them a unique 'Happy Birthday' message and celebrate with them in a fun and entertaining way.

Happy Birthday 2 Instagram filter

In this version of the face filter, the user, which can be you if you are using the selfie camera or someone that you want to record a video using the rear-facing camera, will have to blow the candle. The candle has a flame by default, but once the user opens his or her mouth, the flame will be gone and the cake will be thrown towards the user's face. Again, it can be your face or you can switch to the second camera and capture a video of the 'Happy Birthday 2' filter on your friend if he or she has a birthday. Just ask them to open their mouth and later share the video with them and your close friends.

I know that many people are searching for an original gift to surprise their girlfriend or boyfriend and I think that using AR technology we have plenty of ways to make that experience more interesting compared to a standard physical gift card. I am not saying that this will replace a gift, but I'm pretty sure that this will be an original way to surprise a birthday boy or girl.

You can record a birthday message yourself and have the birthday cake thrown at your face and share those amusing moments with friends or even use it without having any birthday, just for the fun of it.

I hope you enjoy the new 'Happy Birthday' and 'Happy Birthday 2' filter, and more will be coming, stay tuned.

Oh, before I go. It would be amazing if you can also tag me (@wowfilterscom) when sharing a birthday filter message, I want to see how you use it. If you tag me in your IG story, I will repost it on my Instagram as well Thanks in advance and have a blast using my new IG filter.

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