Cute Kitty Cat face mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jul 30, 2019 | Filter name: "British Shorthair"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'British Shorthair' is an Instagram face mask that I've created myself, therefore, I just share some background about the filter and not review it.

I knew at some point that I need to learn the basics of creating IG masks. As I was learning Spark AR Studio, I was focusing on different types of filters so I can learn many of the Instagram design aspects.

I thought that 'animals' is a great category and I've just chosen a cat because I love cats. I wanted something different, something unique. So I've chosen to design an Instagram face mask of a British Shorthair cat. Why is that? well, because until not too long ago, I had a British Shorthair cat that I loved so much and this is kind of a tribute in that aspect. I still look at pictures of her when she was a little kitten and my heart melts. I miss her so much.

I designed the face using samples hair textured that I sampled myself. I added an overlay orange-yellow cover to the eyes to make it appear yellowish like a British Shorthair cat's one. I added the ears, although even now I think that they look a bit too big, but still looks pretty cool in my opinion.

I also decided to add 3d whiskers. I designed them myself using Blender 3d modeling software and imported them into Spark AR Studio. I added a slight mask at the edges to smooth the transition between the human's facial skin and the mask and that's it.

I want to create a more interesting Instagram face mask. At that time writing this, I am focusing on interactive Instagram filters, but I definitely going to make more masks in the near future.

If you are searching for cat-related 3d makeup, face filters or masks, I think you'll enjoy using my cat IG AR mask. Don't forget to share your new look with me by tagging me @wowfilterscom. Thanks for using my filters, have fun.

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