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Published on Jul 29, 2019 | Filter name: "Hijab Try On"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

Hijab Try On is a filter that I've created myself.  After trying a few try-on filters, I got excited about creating something similar.  Because we are dealing with the user's face, I thought about making the option for everyone to see how they look with a Hijab, a virtual Hijab.

A Hijab for those who don't know is a veil worn by some Muslim women. I've included different types of Islamic veils, including the 'Shayla', 'Hijab', 'Khimar', 'Chador', and I will add more soon.

I've also included an option to manipulate the scale and position of the virtual Hijab 3d model so it best suits the face. Users can manipulate the virtual 3D Hijab by either panning on the screen or tapping on one of the four areas of the face (i.e. left/right cheek, chin, forehead). Panning is a gesture in which you drag a single finger on the screen from side to side.

In the menu, there are three different 3d object manipulation options: Scale, Move and Push. With scale, you can scale the Hijab inwards and outward either vertically or horizontally. With the 'Move' option, you can move it to any of the four directions: top, bottom, left or right. With the 'Push' option, you can move the Hijab on the Z-axis, which means forward or backward (e.g. panning upwards or downwards vertically or tapping on either the forehead or the chin).

The fourth and fifth option allows you to apply a color or a pattern to the Hijab. You tap either of the options and you get a submenu with a large selection of either colorful textures or a selection of trendy 2019 Hijab colors. I picked those colors myself, by sampling what I've read about regarding the trendy Hijab colors and the one that I've seen that are use most based on searches that I've done.

Hijab Try On Instagram filter

The next option gives you the option to change between the different Islamic veil types like Shayla', 'Hijab', 'Khimar' and 'Chador' for example. For each one the same applies as before, you can adjust and manipulate the Hijab 3d object and change the colors and patterns. I'm still working on improving how the pattern is rendered and I might give a better option to control the results in a future update.

The next option is having a background so you can get a clear view of you with a Hijab without any distracting background elements or your hair. Last option (as of the latest version I've developed) is an option to try out different lighting. Nothing too fancy, but it gives users some control over the lighting if they want to have a more glimmer and shiny look.

I've worked on this filter for a few days. Usually, I can develop between 1-3 filters a day if those don't have high requirements. From time to time I want to focus on something more advanced and demanding, so I can get more knowledge of the different scripting, design and patches requirements when using Spark AR.  After such a project, I feel even more comfortable and have fewer restrictions on what I can achieve using Spark AR Studio.

I love Augmented Reality. I always wanted to have the opportunity to develop something myself. Spark AR Studio gave me that option. An option to take advantage of my current programming and design skills, while learning new skills (e.g. 3D modeling) on the way. I never thought that I could be that productive and this is because of this amazing platform called Spark AR.

I'll continue to improve and add more feature to 'Hijab Try On' Instagram filter. I am open for suggestions, improvements and of course, if you find any bugs, please let me know.

How do you get this 'Hijab Try On' filter?

Simply by following me at @wowfilterscom on Instagram. I hope you enjoy using it and don't forget to share your new look wearing a Hijab (or any of the other Islamic veils) and watch for future updates.

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