Casual Selfie Shooter AR Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jul 29, 2019 | Filter name: "BoomBoom!"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

BoomBoom! is the first Instagram filter I made myself. I've decided to try out making filters after seeing all the amazing things that developers are making and that inspired me to try to make some myself.

I had zero knowledge of making filters, so I had to start from scratch. BoomBoom! is the work of a few days of me learning how to develop using Spark AR Studio and choosing a project that I can learn as I try to make it a reality.

I love playing games but this is not the main reason I've chosen to develop a game. I wanted to make a game because I knew it will force me to dive into scripting and help me obtain the knowledge to build interactive filters.

BoomBoom! is an augmented reality game in which you control a little alien spaceship using face gestures. You blink to move it to one of the three lanes (right eye, left eye and mouth). For each lane bombs will spawn and it's up to you to eliminate the bombs before they reach the floor. You have 100% health to get started with; once it reaches zero it's game over.

Users need to open their mouth and shoot lasers. The laser hits the lowest enemy in the lane.

There are also bonus points items and a "nuclear" powerup that once hit, destroys all bombs out there. This is important because as you progress and gain a higher score, bombs will move faster and it can get quite erratic out there. The nuclear bomb appears in a later stage as the difficulty increases.

As you can see, I wanted to make a game that looks very colorful, with cool sound effects and background music. I created all the voice line myself and distort them using voice changer apps to make it sound cuter and fit the vibe of this casual action mobile AR game.

It's amazing how fast I was able to create such a game because of how developer-friendly Spark AR Studio software is.  I continued to make selfie games after this one and intend to make more in the upcoming months. The more I learn, the more cool things I can do with it and this is just my first filter that was done with the little knowledge I had.

Finally, I could create an Augmented Reality project myself, something I was craving to do for a long time. Of course, making it requires time and effort. This is why I was focusing on learning in the past couple of weeks.

I love being able to pick or make all the game ingredients myself, including sound effects, graphics, voices, gameplay idea and combine it all by myself to create something new and original. An Augmented Reality IG game, something that I dream of and for years.

I hope you enjoy playing this game and I enjoyed making it. Thanks for reading.

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