Draw with your nose — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jun 13, 2019 | Filter name: "Draw with your nose"

Filter creator: David Pripas (@davidpripas)

'Draw with your nose' is a brilliant little Instagram face filter. As its name suggests, you use it to draw in augmented reality using your own nose. The digital brush is pivoted to your noise and when you move it, it draws whatever you want it to draw in mid-air.

You tap on the screen once to start drawing and again to stop. You can also swipe on the circular icon at the bottom of the screen to change colors.

This is definitely one of the more interesting Instagram filters I came across this week. I've seen many types of Augmented Reality (AR) drawing apps before, but one where instead of using your fingers or a controller like you use in virtual reality, this is the first I think, The first that actually uses the noise of a person to draw.

The filter has a very limited set of drawing tools, yet it's fun drawing experience that many of you might haven't experienced before. Just don't expect Google Tilt Brush kind of app,  because it's far from it.

Draw with your nose Instagram filter

Is it comfortable? well, for some simple drawings yet, but I wouldn't use this IG drawing filter to make complex drawings. I do believe that there will be digital artists that will enjoy using it to create some awesome digital artworks and prove to us that this can be used to draw almost anything. The thing is that you don't get a lot of creative control. For example, you can't change the size of the brush and choose the thickness of it. This, of course, limits the amount of creative freedom you have when drawing stuff.

I actually thought about something when I used this 'Draw with your nose' filter. It would be great if there was an option to change the thickness of the brush based on the distance of the face from the phone. So if you move your face a bit backward, it draws a thinner line and if you put your face much closer to the camera, you'll draw a thicker line. There are options to play with it to give more options for users in interesting and creative ways. Of course, the developer can just put some UI controls and that's it. I'm just thinking about making it all face-control based. Maybe opening and closing the mouth to change the thickness, etc.

It's incredible seeing how Spark AR Studio developers are using the relatively limited amount of set of tools they have to produce engaging and interesting AR experiences. Because of those limitations, they come up with interesting ideas. In that aspect, I think that maybe it isn't bad having a limit set of tools for development, because it encourages AR creators to think out of the box and come up with original ideas, like this one.

Of course, it's not always the goal to create something that is based on better functionality. When it comes to Instagram filters, many AR creators put themselves a goal to create something cool that will make people want to engage with it and get entertained using their filters. They want people to enjoy sharing it with others, as this is the way to possibly make their filter go viral, or at very least get used by as many Instagram users as possible.

To do that, you need to stand out from the rest, make something that wasn't done before, and something that people will enjoy using. This is definitely one of those filters that makes you go: "Why I haven't thought about it?". It is an inspiring filter that I'm sure we'll get copycats pretty soon, probably with more advanced drawing controls—I just have a feeling about that.

This filter also can get more exposure as users not just share their experience with it, but also share their creations and videos of them creating with it. This can lead to even more exposure as more pictures and videos are shared on Instagram using it.

There is a severe limitation to this filter, is that the drawing is limited to the size of the screen. You can't draw out of the screen bounds  I personally would want to be able to draw in the 3d space as this will allow me to create large drawings and enjoy moving in the real world space to view the drawing in three-dimensional space. I don't know if this is possible using Spark AR. For that, we need to measure the location of the brush relative to a feature point like it is being used in ARKit and ARcore technologies. If it is possible, I definitely want to see something like that done by someone in the near future.

Overall, a fantastic original little Insta filter that you have to try out.  Thanks for reading.

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Draw with your nose