Joguinho da estrela - Jogo piscando — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jun 12, 2019 | Filter name: "Joguinho da estrela"

Filter creator: Igor Saringer (@igorsaringer)

'Joguinho da Estrela' is yet another Instagram filter (Filtro do Instagram in Portuguese) blinking game that resembles the original game Flappy Bird and one that was inspired by the success of Flying Face by Dvoshansky. Joguinho da Estrela in Portuguese means "Star little game" (I used Google translate) and just another term "Jogo piscando" means "Blinking game". I'm those words will become more popular now after Flying Face was released. Joguinho means "little game", whether 'Jogo' means 'game'. I learned something new today.

I've already reviewed two blinking games similar to Flying Face, including Flying Game, and Rainbow Egg Game. Both are fun and among them, I liked the visuals in Flying Game, and the gameplay felt smoother and less demanding. Although my heart always belongs to the first remake, Flying Face.

Joguinho da Estrela, Jogo piscando

Joguinho da Estrela is less interesting visually. You have this yellow star that you control using blinking. The game works similar to 'Flying Game', in the way that the direction of the flight changes interchangeably from upward to downward after each blink. Flying Face was more demanding on that part and why some people might prefer playing a Flappy Bird blinking game like 'Flying Game' or 'Joguinho da Estrela' because of that.

The pipes are red and again, it resembles the game 'Flying Game', where you need to traverse through a path rather than focus on getting through a small gap in each set of pipes. This is different than how the original Flappy Bird game is played, the same goes to 'Flying Face'.

Still, for many of you who played 'Flying Face' by Dvoshansky, this will feel very familiar. Are you probably asking yourself why there are so many Instagram games with the same gameplay? Well, it's simple, many developers have seen how popular 'Flying Face' has become, bringing millions of Instagram users to follow Dvoshansky, and they want to do the same. 

Let's keep in mind that although there is a high demand for such games so it seems, Dvoshansky's 'Flying Face' IG filter went viral as it was played by celebrities on countries where it was trending. This what brought great exposure for this game.  It doesn't necessarily mean that game like this will be picked up by the same audience nor that it will be trending like that.

That being said, I've seen quite a few players who played the original who show interest in playing the other blinking Flappy Bird-like games.  We also can't ignore the visual similarities between Flying Face game and the original Flappy Bird mobile game. They look very similar. On the other hand, all the other copycats make it look much different. Maybe many of the players who played 'Flying Face', enjoyed it and wanted to share it because it resembles the original title, Flappy Bird.

It's also worth mentioning that non of those games, including Flying Face, was developed by the original creator of Flappy Bird.

Joguinho da Estrela Jogo piscando also doesn't have 2-player co-op, nor your face appears on the star. These are two cool features that Flying Face has that this game does not have.

For me, it was less exciting to play, and it didn't look great as some of the other 'Flying Face' lookalike games. Still, if you really love playing Instagram blinking filter games, you should check it out. Each person and his or her's own taste. For more cool Instagram filter games, visit our Insta filter list.

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Joguinho da estrela - Jogo piscando