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Published on Jun 11, 2019 | Filter name: "Flying Game"

Filter creator: Anna Zaitseva (@annabell_po)

The IG game Flying Face by Dvoshansky was an inspiration and will be an inspiration for many new Instagram games to come. Today I came across yet another fantastic blinking Instagram game called "Flying Game". Of course, I couldn't deny the resemblance to Flying Face in terms of gameplay experience, yet, Anna Zaitseva brought her own originality to the game and made it feel unique and interesting to play, even for those who have invested countless hours playing Flying Face.

Anna Zaitseva is the founder of the school TargetGirl, ex-teacher of MGTU. N.E. Baumana Lecture RTH (MIIT) (In Russian: Основатель школы TargetGirl ex-преподаватель МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана Преподаватель РУТ (МИИТ)). You can find more information about it at

Flying game Instagram filter screenshot

'Flying game' is an Instagram filter game where you control a character riding on a hoverbike, kind of a futuristic flying motorcycle. It rides it through a beautiful cartoon-style level design with your face in the background (selfie game). Same as Flying Face, you control the character using eye blinking. However, it plays slightly different than 'Flying Face'. Your interchangeable change the direction of the character, whether it's moving upward or downward by blinking. It works interchangeably. You blink once to make the character go downward, and your next blink will make it go upwards.

This makes the gameplay less stressing compared to Flying Face, as the user doesn't need to blink rapidly. For some people, games like Rainbow Egg Game blinking game was easier to play because of that. Blinking continuously is not everyone's cup of tea and I can understand that. It does take quite some time to get used to. when it comes to the game's difficulty, developers can always balance it using different level design and mechanics rather than relying on making it more physically demanding. I know we are just talking on blinking, but as I said, that a physical body movement, as small as it seems, some people do feel some inconvenience doing it, especially rapidly and for a long duration.

'Flying Game' does solve that issue, if it was even an issue for you, and make the game more comfortable to play in that aspect.

Gameplay wise, it works similar to Rainbow Egg Game. The longer you survive the higher the score. A score will continuously increase over time. You have only one life, so if you bump into one of the obstacles, it's game over and your score will be set at the end of that round. The game, like the other two, requires a great deal of concentration and making sure you don't accidentally blink, which can cause the flying motorcycle to change direction and make you lose control.

Once the game is over, there is a secondary screen that shows the final score, but your face appears small in a small window. I didn't like it that much, because people want to share their highest score with their face up large. Although some people might feel more comfortable sharing that screen with a small face rather than a large one. Well, I leave that up to you to decide.

Overall, a great new take on the Flappy Bird style gameplay and it's great to see an original level design, character design, and slightly different blinking control.

How can I get and play the 'Flying game' IG filter? - All you have to do is to follow Anna Zaitseva and the filter will appear in your filter's library. Good luck and have fun!

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Flying Game - Cartoony Blinking IG