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Published on Jun 7, 2019 | Filter name: "Rainbow Egg Game"

Filter creator: Piotar Boa (@piotar_boa)

Rainbow Egg Game is a fantastic take on the popular 'Flappy Bird' style of gameplay. We've already see Flying Face by Dvoshansky achieving great success, and now comes a relatively similar game but one that adds some interesting features over the original gameplay formula. It's not the Egg Spoon game that you might have heard of, it's a different one, so make sure you don't miss that one out.

As I said, the game is called "Rainbow Egg Game". It's an Instagram filter where users control a cute little egg that has the user's eyes and mouth and a little rainbow attached to it. It looks like a rainbow flag, and from what I was told, it's for LGBT months too, great!

Rainbow Egg Game Instagram filter screenshot

The core gameplay is quite similar to Flappy Bird, you need to move the egg up and down to avoid colliding with obstacles that look like Stalactites.  Same as Flying Face and the original Flappy Bird games, here also you only have control over the upward movement. Users need to open their mouth to move the egg upwards while gravity continues to pull the egg downwards.

If the egg collides with the stalactites or reaches the bottom of the stage it's game over. The longer you survive, the higher the score. Unlike Flying Face and Flappy Bird, the score isn't based on how many obstacles you actually passed through. The score ramps up all the time, so the longer you survive, the higher the score. In this game, you need to fly through a parabolic pathing, like a ski slalom rather than through a gap in a wall.

By the way, the fact that you get to see a relatively high number of points (compared to Flying Bird) after a short time, makes you feel like a pro. But trust me, that won't last long after you see the number of points people are achieving with this game, but it's good for newbies like me who only achieved 20 points in Flying Face.

The game is challenging, but it has a nice smooth flow to it, which is one of the things that I liked about it. Flying Face and Flappy Bird mechanics felt a bit rough. Not that it stopped from enjoying them, it's just that I am happy that there is something new and refreshing to the gameplay. It actually feels less like a Flying Bird type of gameplay.

Rainbow Egg Game, a colorful retro-style game

Rainbow Egg Game is also very colorful, has nice retro-style music and sound effect, and even a "WOW!" voice from time to time, and as you know, I love that word "WOW" for some reason.

The level itself looks nice, weight changing colors, a nice colorful rainbow in the background and of course your face in the background. It's a selfie game after all.

Instead of a beautifying mask like you have in Flying Face, here you have a nice color filter. I like that because I don't want to share videos of me playing with all my facial imperfections. So no worries about that. That being said, some people might prefer to have a better clear view of themselves while playing, because the opacity of the background is relative high. It does create a nice atmosphere for the game, but maybe it would be nice if the face was segmented with slightly lower opacity for the face area.

Regarding mouth gesture. As I mentioned, the game uses mouth opening and closing facial gestures to control the egg's movement. You close your mouth to let the egg fall, and you open your mouth and keep it open in order for the egg to move up.

I found the mouth gesture to be overall a good gesture, it was more convenient than I thought it would be. Because the game has a smooth flow, you don't find yourself opening the mouth and closing it very frequently which can be annoying. So it's slow opening and closing pace which feels good overall.

I actually think that this is one of the most important parts of this game to nail right because if not, it would be annoying for users to play this game for a long period of time. The other good news is that unlike Flying Face, you don't need to close your eyes, so you always have a clear view of the game's screen. Some people complained about it with Flying Face. Although Dvoshansky decided to use it because the community voted for it instead of other face gesture, we need to remember that the pace and gravitation of Flying Face are different than Rainbow Egg Game.

As I got better, I've noticed that I get more yellow stars as I play. First star you get after 15 seconds, second after 30 seconds and then after 60 seconds. It will look pretty cool when you share a screenshot or a video of your high score on Instagram, YouTube or other online social channels.

Overall, I think that Rainbow Egg Game is a fantastic Instagram filter that was designed well for the face gesture user control. It's colorful, has nice retro-style sound effects and it's fun to play. It also brings a slightly different gamestyle that feels different compared to similar games in this genre and therefore I enjoyed playing it a lot.

I want to see more and more Instagram filter games, I just enjoy them so much. It thinks that Instagram filter gaming era is upon us. It's easy to get those games, they download size is very small, the app (Instagram) automatically download new games from AR creators you follow, they are great little casual selfie games and ones that people enjoy sharing gameplay of.

The only time I wouldn't consider playing it, is after a visit to the dentist ROFL, other than that, super fun game, GET IT NOW!

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