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Published on Jun 7, 2019 | Filter name: "Reaper"

Filter creator:

Today I came across a filter by called "Reaper". This Instagram mask combines some face reveal animation similar to Android by Tom Martin-Davies,  Robotic Face by Nazareth Carrero, Alien Headcraft by Kym Fiala, and the Love Machine by Marc Wakefield. I loved all of those Insta masks.

"Reaper" however is slightly different. The opening part in the face is only in the mouth area. there is a creepy organic looking part coming out of your mouth when you open it. Reminds me of the creepy creature from the movie Aliens. The face itself appear dry and broken, like cracks in the skin, using a partially transparent PNG texture. It has rough edges and doesn't blend as I wanted to, but still, the dry face effect looks really nice.

It's a fantastic scary Instagram mask for Halloween in my opinion with a face that looks like the skin of Freedy Kruger.

Woman with Reaper creepy Instagram face mask

"Reaper" face mask definitely looks more creepy than the other ones. The others ones like Love Machine and Alien Headcraft are kind of cute like there is a little robot hiding in your body or you are the robot. This is kind of a horror face mask. I know that some people might find it a bit repulsive, the mouth part I mean. However, these are also the type of masks that I enjoy using, as long as it triggers strong emotions, I'm into it, bring it on.

It reminds me of the brutality animations in Mortal Kombat X. Just reminds me, not that it's close to being the same. I'm pretty sure that there will be some more repugnant effects where people will try to replicate the Mortal Kombat style brutalities. If I was the developer of Mortal Kombat, I would probably the thing about making some face masks inspired by their Mortal Kombat X / 11 brutalities. If those will be even approved LOL.

Cracking in the skin horror AR face mask

Anyway, I kind of exaggerated a bit. Let's say that this is not one of those masks that will make you look prettier, so say the least. Lately, I've been following many makeup artists because I think this is the best place to get inspiration from for making 3D AR masks for Instagram.

In fact, I've seen some makeup artworks that I saw filters based on them. I have no doubt that many AR creators are inspired by those and I also see that many AR creators are following those that I followed as well. If you are an AR creator and searching for inspiration, one of the secrets is to get inspired by those makeup and digital FX artists out there. There are very popular and they have fantastic works that inspire many other digital artists and AR creators.

I think there is a high demand for these type of horror face masks because I see them also being popular as regular makeups. I think the reason for that is that it does trigger strong emotional feedback from users who view it and that's why people enjoy sharing it online.

So this is it. This is "Reaper", an interactive horror face mask. It puts cracking on your skin, features creepy mouth animation and gives you demon eyes. If all that sounds something you would enjoy, go and try it right now. It's a great mask for Halloween. Augmented Reality masks are going to be more and more popular in Halloween as people are searching for cool scary and creepy Insta masks to share on Halloween. Don't forget to follow the creator of this mask to unlock it. Thanks for reading.

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Reaper - Scary Halloween Horror Mask