Mouth Eyes Surreal Art — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jun 1, 2019 | Filter name: "moutheyes"

Filter creator: doblev

Mouth Eyes is an artistic surrealistic Instagram filter by @doblev. I've seen quite a few surrealistic face masks and surreal collage pictures similar to this one, where face parts are being replicated and move to cover other face parts or just extend to other areas of the face. 

This leads to very interesting and captivating artistic portraits and due to the inherits facial expression of the original face part, it looks also great in videos. Some of the surreal art filters that I've tried were The Three Mouths by Piotar Boa (two extra mouths underneath the original with the nose area lifted up, eyes enlarged),  ZEYES by Hongwei Tang (two right eye replication with cartoon hand covering the face from the side). There is also one of my favorites, Spider Eyes by Chris Plek (replicates the eyes above and below the original ones or a total of 8 eyes) and the mesmerizing surreal selfie reflection face mace mask by Una Blue called ELIXIR. Each one of them is unique and engaging in its own right and unique pictorial artistic presentation.

Surrealistic three mouths Instagram face mask

With this filter, the mouth area with some of the skin area surrounding the eye is replicated and positioned on top of both of the user's real eyes. The overlaying isn't always perfect and sometimes, depends on the face structure, the eyes might be seen underneath it. There was a need to replicate the skin area to better cover the large area of the eyes and make it blend more seamlessly with the face. Of course, due to different lighting, it did lead to some inconsistent results.

One of the things that I liked about this filter, same goes to similar ones, is that the replication is based on the video camera feed, so mouth movements are inherited by the other replicated mouth instances.

Some of those filters are inspired by Instagram surreal artists that publish some brilliant surreal artworks. If I had to make ones, I would prefer to do it manually of course for better precision and creative expression. With photo editing software you can plenty of tools that allows you to do everything in your imagination. These type of IG face masks do have their advantages of course. First of all, they are very accessible, no prior photo editing skills are needed, everyone can use them. Second, they work on human 3D faces and from different angles, third, you can use them in videos and forth, there is an option to combine them with other digital elements like effects and sounds to produce very unique multimedia surreal art experiences, what a still picture can't effectuate.

Women with triple mouths, surreal artwork using Instagram face mask

We can see that some digital artists who specialized in surreal art, once they discover this amazing new Augmented Reality technology, use it to further expand their creative specialty and this leads to better self-expression opportunities. It also helps them reach a broader audience that will be able to connect with their artworks in different ways. Same goes to other fields of art, but I've seen that quite prominent with surreal art in the last couple of months. This why I brought it up.

Instagram is a place where it's very easy to find inspiration. It's a place where visual artworks are given the proper stage and why so many artists are flourishing in one of the world's largest art communities. This is why Spark AR flourish so natively in it and why many digital artists adopt this new technology and start creating with it. Things spread like wildfire, and some Instagram filters have achieved millions of impressions very quickly, allowing artists to have their mark and share their passion with their peers and fans of their work.

I always like the unique, the distorted, the bizarre, the unnatural.  For me, artistic filters like this are exciting to experiment with. I see them like Photoshop filters. Although I have a lot of experience in photo editing, I enjoy using these types of filters for the reasons I've stated above.  I love the fact that people who don't have knowledge in photo editing can become creative themselves and quickly create their own interesting digital artworks with just a few clicks.

'Moutheyes' definitely falls under this category of interesting and captivating surreal art IG masks that I think many Instagram users, digital artists and casual users will enjoy using. I highly recommend checking it out and I can't wait to see what you are going to create with it—Have fun creating!

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Mouth Eyes Surreal Art